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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th June 2009

My dear wife, your workload increases day by day. I, and those who work with me in Spirit, do all that we can to assist you, and guide you to the right information. New people come forward. It is good for you to meet other enlightened people, who know and understand all that is happening and what is about to happen. They, too, will not be silenced.

You were so moved when you read the last prophesy of Peter Daunov, and realised that I had told you all this after my passing. You have the tapes. Yes, he too, was working with the Light. He tried to bring an understanding of what was to come. You needed to be reminded of what I had told you. I know there is so much and one cannot keep everything in one’s mind at all times. The change that is about to come, cannot be stopped. There will be those who will oppose it. They will find that their wealth is worthless, it’s just paper with no value attached to it. The enlightened will inherit the Earth, they will bring peace and stability to all mankind. When I told you that women would, once again, rule the earth, you never thought that you would hear me say this. Yes, I was a man’s man, but, my dear, I see clearly now. I see where Man's lust for power and control has taken your world. "The Few" — you know who they are — really believe they've got it all sewn up. Well, all I can say is, we have some surprises in store for them. Do they not see they cannot control death. Money does not influence the Supreme Being. They are guilty of enslaving so many. Their money cannot control earthquakes, floods or any natural disasters. They live in the darkness of the soul. Beings of Light visit the earth, they instruct and guide the enlightened. The change of consciousness is already happening. The ancients predicted this. The doors of perception are opening. This truth must be accepted. They may have the control, but it is the people who have the power. The corrupt must be exposed. They will try to use food as the ultimate control. The pole shift will happen, no matter what they do to try to stop it.

You are learning about Atlantis, and where those people escaped to: Ireland and Egypt. That is why there was a concerted effort to destroy those two cultures, by the Church of Rome and the Crown of England. Their ancient manuscripts were destroyed, as well as their places of learning. Knowledge could only be passed down through word of mouth. St Patrick was sent by Rome to Ireland, to force the Irish to accept the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings, or face death. A hard choice in difficult circumstances. The druids of ancient Ireland, could not fight the might of Rome. Like you, my dear, I loved Ireland and Egypt. We have such happy memories of our times there.

I know that I keep emphasising the power of love. You found the song on the Internet. Listen to those powerful words crying out to the masses to open up to love. You and I found true love. We know how it changed our lives. Sex is not love, it can be an expression of love; but in itself, it is not love. The foolish believe that if they have enough money then they will be able to buy love. Love comes from the heart and deep within the soul. Love liberates you from bondage. The New Energy will open hearts to love and give hope to so many. Justice will prevail. The New Era is about to begin. The Earth will be as it should, with justice for all, not the corrupt type of justice you experienced. They, too, will face the consequences of their actions.

The Evil One will try to engage with you, once more. You do not want evil in your life. She is from the dark side of life. As I have said so many times, she is pure evil, hidden behind a beautiful smile. Do not be taken in by her lies. What she did to you, my wife, will be answered for.

I was happy to show myself, last evening, to you and your friends. It was the first time of blending my energies with this lady. I promise I will do better next time. Forward we go. The information on the building was happily received by all. Leave the plans to us in Spirit. Regard it as yours. Make your plans, so that you are prepared when it all falls into place. I love seeing all the friendly faces in our home once more, we did love to entertain. I was happy to show my approval whenever I agreed with what was being said. The energy that was generated by that little gathering, helps us in Spirit to increase the level of energy. You are all working towards the same end, enlightenment for all, freedom from bondage and TRUTH, AT LAST. You are now fully aware that what you were taught in school was not true. What you are told in newspapers and on TV is all controlled and biased. "The Few" control so much. They have failed to observe the awakening that is happening, right under their noses. I have advised you since my passing: know yourself, know who you are and know your enemies. You know who you are, and who I am. This knowledge explains so much, and makes it easier to answer the question, Why you? "The Return" is being talked about all over the place, these days. Well, you have inside knowledge on this.

I thank you for all that you do. Without our bond of love, it would be extremely difficult. You understand my origins and why my last incarnation was so difficult for me. I had to experience first-hand, the extent of the indoctrination and control. I refused to live in bondage.

Love and Light surround you. We are here for you. Together we will succeed. I am so happy to be your loving husband, Monty.