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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 24th June 2007

My dearest, dearest, Veronica. You are being opened up to so much now. We are bringing new, trustworthy people in, to be part of our plan. You have been offered help. Take it, you desperately need it. Your workload increases, so we try to ease it for you. Accept it graciously.

You got the email. You were not aware of the importance of it, at first. You spoke, and became interested. Then you received the book and tape, and all of a sudden, the penny dropped. Though you only got them yesterday, as you listened to the tape and began reading the book, it brought a new understanding of your own life and the work you came on Earth to do. The Spirit World guided this lady to you, and now you understand why I asked you to go to stay with Marcia, as she lives only five miles away. You will be astonished at the similarities in your lives. She has achieved a good deal, and you, my love, are about to. You are kindred spirits. A beautiful friendship, and support for you, will come from this meeting. Without Spirit’s intervention, your paths would never have crossed.

You are drawing the right people towards you now. Though at first, you cannot see how they could fit in, in time it will become clear. Our plans are great and everyone will find a role to play.

We are using light energy to expose the dishonest in every walk of life. The changes you will see by September will be amazing. Documents will be checked, questions asked. You will face, tomorrow, the dishonest who ignored my expressed instructions and abused my trust. They will have to explain their actions. They showed no respect for you at all. They will answer for it.

You were touched by the sentiments expressed in an email from J.S. I had hoped to complete that investigation, but the work I do now is crucial to your world, and so I had to leave it unfinished. Please thank him for his kind words and wish him all the best from me.

Your health is improving day by day without Warferin. It took great courage to trust me on this, against all the professional advice you received. I showed you last night, you having an MRI scan, and they will be dumbfounded with the results — proof of what Spirit can achieve.

You, my dear, are on the right path, working alongside us, and accepting without question all that we ask of you. We try to lead you gently along. It would be too much for you to cope with, if you were shown all we intend to change in your world. I will remind you that the reason that I was taken in 2004, was so you and I would have everything in place for our work to commence this year. Trust me, there is much to be done.

Last week, I told you Rupert Sheldrake was giving a talk that I would like you to attend. You emailed him, and now you and B. will be there to hear what he has to say on Tuesday. You see, my dear, we do not miss anything at all. Our eyes are everywhere. If only we had such an ability when on Earth, how much easier our lives would have been. Now, I am your eyes and ears, and so I guide you lovingly along life's path. Our protection surrounds you. My little girl from Ireland has come a long way! You were, my love, the most important person in my life, and you still are. To devote your life to another, there is no greater love than this. You have become the instrument through which I work and I thank you for it.

B. is looking at writers. We will guide her. She will choose well. It will be hard for you to relive all that has happened since I passed, but it needs to be out there in the public domain. Believe in yourself, my love, it is all coming together beautifully.

You have a busy week ahead of you. Your meeting, this evening, will be useful also. Trust in me and know I am at your side at all times, taking care of you. We are on course, we will succeed. Take good care of yourself, my love. Your beloved husband, Monty.

(Veronica writes: I was given very important information that I feel I cannot put out on our website. It’s to do with an ongoing situation: several countries are involved. It answered a question that was on my mind. I will, in time, put it on the website.)