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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 29th June 2008

Veronica, my darling, you have had to absorb so much information since we last wrote. Yes, I agree, it was very exciting and enlightening. I must ask you, darling, to reserve all the scientific information for those within the Board of our Foundation. Such information would be used and abused by those with dishonest purposes. We answered Peter’s questions. We introduce the information gradually, the full picture would be too much for you to deal with now, it is too soon. Trust me, love, much thought has gone into the planning. Yes, Peter argues his point brilliantly, always. His knowledge and understanding of our purpose becomes clearer every day. He knows and is guided as to who should be approached.

I enjoyed attending our Board Meeting. It is good to see the blending of minds and purpose. Thank you, my dear, for arranging it. Alison is blessed with a clear and logical mind. I appreciate all the work she puts into our Foundation. Trust me, darling, the right scientists are fast coming on board to help create our Portal. Then, let us see the sceptics scatter and fall silent, wondering why they were not chosen. We are pleased that you all got together to visit the place where our public Portal will be. Yes, we observed the joy and wonder at the beauty and tranquility of our chosen location. It will happen when the world is ready to listen and make the changes that are so sadly overdue.

Please have patience with me, my love. I am trying several different methods of speaking through you. I am aware that you prefer the first one, where everyone both saw me and spoke with me. It is necessary to practice until we get it absolutely right. I want you to be at ease with this. We were both so emotional last Saturday, when I was asked to physically withdraw. Our tears were heartfelt. I promise it will be easier for you next time.

You have learned that each of us carry forward emotions from past lives that can affect the pattern of life. Yes, I was with you in 502 AD. We both had unfinished business and so carried it forward, so it interfered with our later lives and needed to be removed. Few understand this. It needs to be in the public domain, as it causes illness as it festers away unnoticed and needing attention. Your friend, Dr Sanderson, understands this. His voice needs to be heard.

Try to be patient but always remain focused. My spirit is within you, we will succeed. You and I are on a mission, the like of which has never before been witnessed in your world. Never forget for a moment, who you are. Face those who, through greed and jealousy, try every corrupt method their evil minds can conjure up, to try to take from you that which is rightfully yours. You and I are giving a gift to the world, we are creating a place where there will be enlightenment for all. Our two worlds will communicate. We were chosen to create this, to prove to all, the power of LOVE over EVIL. Your world is ready. Through you, my darling, I will speak throughout your world, and you know that that was always my dearest wish. We are opening up your brain to enable this to happen. Please be prepared for this, it will be a first. Trust me, it will be very effective. Nothing can stop us, our dreams are about to come true. Monty and Veronica Keen will guide the world out of the darkness it finds itself in, to a better understanding of life and the afterlife. I am not dead, I live through you. I am fortunate to be in both worlds at the same time.

I ask our chosen people to be there for you, to help ease the burdens that the dishonest are inflicting on you. With our support on this side of life, and their support on your side, we will come through it together.

I know that you are considering bringing more people on board. We will help you choose. The speakers you discussed are perfect in every way and will bring their special expertise, all coming together to create the perfect balance. Discuss and prepare; be ready when the moment arrives for the necessary action to occur.

The timing of your visit to Holland was perfect. Your meeting with M.E. was important. The ideas discussed and agreed must be carried out. I guided the discussions and so was able to give him the confidence to go forward. Do not allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated. We in Spirit, need an input. Without us, it will fail. Man cannot achieve this on his own, there has got to be co-operation and guidance. No one is so important that he does not need Spirit’s help. M.E. trusts you and I, we must be there for him to answer his questions, explain his doubts. It is a BIG step for him to take. It is almost like expecting a mother to hand over her baby. Understand that this is highly emotional for him. He needs those he trusts around to guide and support at all times. Veronica, the world needs this to go forward. Personalities must not get in the way. Do not allow the misguided, no matter how well intentioned they are, to interfere with this project.

You have worked so hard these last two weeks. Do try to take some time for yourself. Enjoy the sunshine. Yes, the roses I planted for you are beautiful this year. Take time to enjoy them. Thank Robert for me, for all his help and support regarding your health and well-being. Bronwen and Moira enjoy being part of what they see as a great adventure. They are out there, meeting the people and spreading the word. I thank them. Albert and Janet are two people whose lives are devoted to Spirit, who also enjoy being chosen to work alongside us in Spirit and being part of our Foundation. We are truly grateful for their input.

Thank you, darling, for everything you do for me. Let us go forward in love and peace. Your husband, Monty.