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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th August 2006

My love, you are so sad, and it upsets me to see this. We really are trying to get everything moving — all in the same direction. We must make sure we are all of one mind on this. We cannot afford mistakes.

ASJ will get the finance and security for M.E., and they will appreciate and respect each other. It is a good idea for you to go to Holland with him — you truly need a break. Life has been so hard for you. My family will not give up and it will be a hard fight to resolve all the issues — how I wish things were different. If I had not trusted the wrong people. ASJ will help and advise. He is a good man.

We are trying to bring the film forward. But you understand, we've got to have the right people involved and it is not easy to find them. MK is out of the picture now, and so that avenue is now closed to us. Don't despair, we will succeed — the Spirit world will see to that.

The Foundation will take a little longer. So much time has elapsed, and we were not able to do as we had hoped. But do not give up on it. It will be our legacy to the world. Yours and mine, my love.

The need to speak out about the afterlife is important and you must take every opportunity to do so, even in little groups. We must get to the ordinary people. The scientific world know it already and have not shared it. The world needs to know, and to understand what life is all about, and the importance of understanding the afterlife.

There is so much that is bad in your world now. It’s more important than ever, and people will be willing to listen, and you put it over so well, my love, so that people understand. The importance of love is something people have forgotten in the pursuit of money. Too much greed abounds. As you know, just sitting holding hands, talking and reading, is one of the things we miss most — just being together. I feel your pain at this loss, and I try so hard to make you feel me close to you. I promised I would never leave you. Trust me, darling, I will never leave you. I try to protect you and guide you, but you become so emotional at times, it’s hard to get to you. Try to keep calm — I know it’s not easy for you — they are coming at you from all directions. My colleagues and family have all become enemies. I never expected that. I was blind to their faults, and I apologise for leaving you to deal with those dreadful people, all on your own. Remember when I used to say, "you have me to protect you now". Well, you still have, except you can't see me. But we are working on that, and who knows, soon you will be able to see and hear me. I know how much that meant to you.

Try to be strong. We are building our team, and then we will show everyone, just what a good team, you and I, were. Our love will see us through. No one can take that away from us, though they will try to demean it. My family does not understand love — it’s not good business.

The Law Society will look at that dreadful will I left — if only I had taken the time to think things through. But we were always in a hurry and so we got things wrong. ASJ will be a source of strength in this, and he will help you. You must secure the house. It’s your home for as long as you wish it to be, and no one can alter that. JD is losing the battle now, and no longer has the strength or inclination to fight on, though A will still push hard for him to do so. But he is a spent-force, now. MB and CE will try to wriggle out of it, also — drowning rats leaving the sinking ship. All blaming each other, and JD fighting to be whiter than white, as always. They are all in trouble.

You, my dear, have to be strong and see it through. I know how you hate to have to fight for everything, and it exhausts you. Robert is trying to help you to have the strength to cope with it all. He and ASJ got on well. It was good to see. I observed the interaction. He is a good man. Keep strong and all will come right in the end.

[Information omitted]

You will go to Ireland, and it would do you good to feel at home again. I love you, and we will be together for eternity. Just think of that when you feel low. You will always be "my little girl". I must go now. We will do this again, soon. Take care.