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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 22nd July 2007

Veronica, my darling, you certainly had a busy week. It was good to see Marcia receive her degree. I, too, was proud of her achievement. She did very well, you were justly proud of her — a first class honours degree. It was worth all the hard work she put into it. Her treatment room is perfect. I will visit from time to time to supervise!

Yes, my love, it is one year since I began writing with you, and now you just take it in your stride. Remember on the 2nd July 2006, our first attempt; and how pleased we were that it went smoothly. Now we just get on with it, as if we had done it all our lives. All those people who said you would not last 5 minutes, it would not go anywhere. Well, where are they now? It never fails to amaze you, how many countries now await my letter to my dear wife each week. You never expected that. Yes, it is all very exciting and rewarding for all the hard work you have put into our Foundation. It has really taken off in a marvellous way.

I watched with interest the interaction between you and Marjorie Sutton. A bond of trust has been established there. I am so glad she will accompany you and B.A. to New York. Her friends that came to meet you, were brought by Spirit. They, too, will become involved in our work. They are good people and that is what we need. You had incredible experiences while having healing in Marjorie's healing room. It was interesting to watch. She has many skills that are unique to her. It will be lovely to have her in our home, to observe all those powerful energies, all in one room. The séances should be memorable. My dear, you are excited just thinking about it. We, on our side, can be counted on to do our best to put on a good show, as always.

If only I could banish all the tedious problems arising from my will. Unfortunately, they are created by my blood family and so the TRUTH will be hidden at all costs. The solicitor was conned into believing them. I do not intend to allow this to go on without comment from me. They will be punished, both on Earth and in the next life. You have to put right all your dishonest deeds. Unfortunately, one has to keep reminding them of this, in the vain hope that, one day, the TRUTH will come out and justice will be done.

You have become much more aware of energy, these days. The beautiful energy of love that fills our home. B.A.'s very, very special energy — similar to my own — is so powerful and reminiscent of me, that you love being around her, and she fits perfectly in our home, as will Marjorie and V.H. and A. All will combine to produce results that will surprise you. We have been planning and drawing you all together. How else would you ever have met? They are here also, to look after you, and to assist in our plans for the future. As you know always, certain people will have to be removed. Yes, my dear, I know that it can be a painful process at times. But trust me, it is necessary.

Things are just falling beautifully into place. Try to have Tom at one of our séances. It would be a good experience for him. He has been a good and faithful friend to both of us, a good and sincere young man.

Our plans are great. Rest and be ready to go forward, as and when we advise. It has to be our decision and I know you trust me to know best. I am so proud of you. You put me, and our work, before all else. We thank you. Try to have a restful week, knowing you are surrounded by love and light. Your very proud husband, Monty.