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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 20th July 2008

This has been yet another exciting week for you, my love. More and more information is coming in so fast, these days. Even though you know what is necessary for you to know, when you hear another, without prompting, put into words what I have shown you, it confirms, my darling, that you got it absolutely right. Your meeting with C. was enjoyed on both sides of life. The connection between you was impressive. It would be good for all of you to meet, to talk and discuss, how to prepare to deal with our projects. Yes, she is right, what you and I do now, was planned many, many years ago. We are fulfilling plans made before our last incarnation. We had to go down the roads necessary to achieve the results required for change to occur in your world. C. will help and guide, when we inspire her to do so. She, too, has a path to follow and she will not be diverted from it. Like you, my darling, she is totally committed to it. Peter and Bronwen were fully aware that this was no ordinary young lady. They knew they were in the presence of someone with a close connection to Spirit. Bringing the right people together is quite fun, like the pieces on a chess board. It is just a question of making the right moves. Arrange for her to meet all the team soon, so she gets the full picture.

I am pleased you did what you did on Wednesday. It will help you. Anna is another beautiful Spirit who appreciates your work with me and wants to help. You see, my love, how we bring the right people forward when necessary. Please thank her from me. You see, there really are some genuinely good people around. It is just a question of finding them and bringing them to you.

You now fully appreciate that certain events must happen before I materialise. It does not make sense to do otherwise. We know you would prefer it to be sooner. We ask you to trust us on this. It will be the first time that our portal will be created for our two worlds to connect and for communication to take place. You and I will achieve this. Where will this leave the religions of the world, I hear you ask. Well, you know how I felt about such religions when I was on Earth. Rest assured, the TRUTH will at last be revealed to all. The control enforced by all religions will cease. Not one of them got it right. This is one of the biggest changes that your world will have to deal with. I promise, your world will be a happier, more just, and more enlightened place, without religion. Divisions such as they imposed were never meant for mankind.

You will have a visit from an old friend this week. Thank B. for me, for the happy memories he has given us. We do not forget those who have brightened our path on Earth.

The call you received from someone I knew in my SPR days, saddened you. How could he have studied psychical research and know so little? I sometimes wonder if anyone ever listened or understood what I had to say, or were they so steeped in bigotry, etc. that they had closed minds. When they come to our world they feel so confused and distressed that they followed the wrong people. They were blinded by useless qualifications that have no bearing on the honesty and integrity of the person. As I have said before, far too many dishonest and corrupt people in this particular field. The time for change is fast approaching.

Forward we go, my love. We are making progress. Enjoy your week, knowing I am ever at your side, surrounding you with my love and guiding you in the right direction. I am, and always will be, your devoted husband, Monty.