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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 19th July 2009

What an interesting week it has been for you. Your eyes have been opened on so many levels. You have also been instrumental in opening the eyes of others who needed to know that what they believe will occur is absolutely correct. The time has come for connections to be made so that all are prepared when changes occur. Your world cannot continue as it is. Mankind can no longer be controlled and kept down through mind control and medication. The light of truth will shine forth and the honest will, once more, take control. Man has brought your world to the brink of destruction. It is time for woman to step forward and gently lead mankind back to sanity. The belief that money alone will control all, will be found wanting. The Supreme Being controls all and will remove the corrupt so that mankind can share this world of yours once more, in peace and harmony. War crimes will be answered for. Those who dared to speak out against illegal wars were removed. Even man-made law was ignored, and war entered into, again and again. Innocent lives were sacrificed needlessly, over and over again. Enough is enough! The propaganda of war and the dishonesty regarding the reasons for going to war, is appalling. The public are conned into believing the lies put forward as an excuse for war.

The beings of light you spent time with, this week, brought joy to your heart. The right connections are being made. The help necessary to take our work to the next level is coming forward. We, in Spirit, observe all and love to watch it just falling into place. You each have your roles to play in bringing about the changes necessary to take mankind to the next level of existence. Corruption is being exposed and removed. "The man in the street" will once more step forward and say, "No, not in my name". He will refuse to allow the killings to continue. Politicians must answer to those who put them in power, for that power can so easily be removed, and it will be. The killing has got to stop.

What is being done to control people, to create fear in their lives, is terrible to observe. If you keep people in a state of fear: fear of flu, fear of attack, fear of other races and countries, it takes minds off what is actually happening under their noses. Step back, look at the facts calmly and clearly, and act sensibly. Keep your heads clear at all times. Make your own judgements. Do not be pushed into that which is being forced on you. Times of great change are on the way. Go with the changes. We are busy on this side of life, preparing to take your world to its next stage of existence.

Sorry, my love, I have been very serious today. You understand that Man has difficult decisions to make. Man can either go with the Light or the Dark. The Light moves forward with the Supreme Being, in peace, harmony and love. The Dark sinks into oblivion. Children of the light have been arriving in your world for some time now, preparing the way. You, Veronica, are very conscious of people of the light, and you love to be in their presence. More and more will come into your life to help to lighten the load. Our plans are great, my love. We will show just what true love can achieve. We will remove all differences of creed and race, and all God's beings will live in harmony as God intended. He never, ever created any man to be better, in any way, to any other. Yes, it is true, some achieve more. That is the only difference. Harmony will be restored. The corrupt will fall by the wayside, never to return.

Please, darling, thank all those who help you to take our work forward. We, in Spirit, appreciate everything that is done in our name. Know that each and every one of them was specially chosen by the Supreme Spirit for this task. One day, they will see for themselves the enormity of the task they undertook in our name.

Have a lovely week, my love. Enjoy all that is being brought forward. I am, and will forever remain, your Monty.