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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 15th July 2007

Greetings, my love. I watched with amusement when Mark took you to see those three mediums; two of whom were in training. They had no idea who you were and were so taken aback when Spirit told them of your work. They could hardly contain themselves, they had never come across anything like that before. Such good evidence for you both, not that you need it, my love. A.G. would dearly love to be invited some time, when you return to having your regular circles again. Keep it in mind. He is a good man and would learn a lot from the experience.

Your meeting with Marjorie tomorrow will be a source of great joy for you. Her book opened up so much more for you. She truly is one in a million. You were brought together for a reason. Her work is important to your world also and so you will work together. That is why I brought her into your life. Trust me, darling, all the people coming in now are being brought by Spirit. We will all work together for the good of mankind on all levels.

Your world must change and will change. Parts will be lost forever. Big changes are afoot and nothing Man can do will change that, even parts of England, Europe and the US. I have told you many times, that one country — you know which one — will disappear forever. Greed will not be tolerated. London will survive and see many changes. The climate is already changing. Man will get used to it in time. Always remember, we see the bigger picture and the outcome of all this. The good will survive and be protected. All this will come to pass in a very short time.

Remember, my darling, how upset you were when so many people betrayed you. They used you when you were at your most vulnerable, just after my passing; then they slammed the doors on you and I. Understand, my love, they were being exposed and removed from your life. Yes, it hurt you a lot, but you had to be shown they were not suitable to work on our projects. They belong to the Old World Order which no longer holds sway in your world today. The thinking in your world has been radically changed and they stick rigidly to their old beliefs which no longer apply. You saw it over and over again in the SPR. If something happened 100 years ago, they accepted it totally. What is happening right before their eyes they refuse to accept. I remember how it used to upset you, my love. I tried, over the years, to open their minds, but they were firmly closed, and sadly they remain so. I sometimes wonder just what it would take for them to open their eyes and see what is being shown to them. Our people belong to the New World Order, guided and protected by Spirit. Man's mistakes have to be rectified. Man's pursuit of riches at the expense of all else can no longer be tolerated. You are all equal in the sight of the Supreme Being.

Yes, my love, you were with me again last night. We travel and I show you what you need to know. Yes, I confirm that is the university I hope to use. Everything needs to be in place for our visit to happen. We are trying to guide them, as we, too, want to get on with it and there will be great celebrations when we achieve what we have set out to achieve, both in your world and ours. The next two years will be particularly eventful for your world. The dishonest and corrupt have had their day and so will be removed forever to allow the world to be as it was intended to be.

Please congratulate Marcia. Tell her, her hard work has been rewarded. I watched over her through it and guided her when necessary. I will be at her graduation, by your side, my love. I never ever leave you. You were the light of my life and continue to be so. I bless the day you and I came together. We were not aware that it had been ordained by Spirit so that we could make a difference for the better in the world. Thank you, my love. Your Monty.