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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 13th July 2008

So much is coming together, my dear, just as I said it would. Your world is having to face facts it tried desperately to avoid facing. As you know, Veronica, the day of reckoning always comes. Countries, as well as people, are having to accept this fact. You reap what you sow, whether in your world or the next. In your world, Man is given the opportunity to put right his wrongs. In the afterlife, he has to deal with the consequences, and deal with them he must. There is no choice when it comes to death and facing in detail how you responded to your fellow man. Your dishonesty cannot be hidden, it is there for all to see. Your ancestors will have tried and failed to guide you, and so withdraw from you. Countries must now reach out to each other, the dishonest must be removed from governments and all positions of power and authority. This has to start at the top and there must be a clean up, right down through all sections of society. Eyes must be opened and honesty embraced. I wish, my dear, that when I walked the Earth, I had been aware of the terrible dishonesty that surrounded me. My mind was on a higher plane and so I was blind to it. It is so hard to view it from here.

Because of the work you do with me, my darling, you are having to battle with the Dark Side in all walks of life. They try so hard to destroy you. They fail to see or understand that we are one. When they hurt you, they hurt me also. Only our people understand fully what our project entails and this is how it must remain for the time being. Our plans must be shared only with those we can trust. The others will fall by the wayside, they have chosen their paths. People are coming forward all the time wanting to be part of our Foundation. They recognise the importance of our plans for the world. Timing, my darling, the timing is right.

You have a meeting with another enlightened soul this week. We, on this side, engineered your meeting. The pieces of the great jigsaw are all falling into place. The right people are brought in when the timing is right to make certain moves. It is almost like staging a play, choosing the characters, etc. As you know, my love, I did have plays of mine staged in theatres, many years ago, so I have had a little practice. You, my dear, knew the real me. You understood why I had to work so hard. The importance of it. You shared my excitement when information was revealed to me, my determination to get it all down in print. Without you, I could not have given the time or the energy to it. Our work, my love, goes on and so it will from this side of life when you join me in Spirit. The Network need you to complete our project on Earth before you join us. You and your colleagues are becoming aware of the importance and necessity of our work and to always be ready to move forward as guided by me. My message to the dishonest is: I put you on notice. I will speak to the world. I will be listened to. I will expose your dishonesty to the world. The time for change is at hand.

You have much to think about, my love. Take a little time for yourself. Try to get some rest. I am always at your side, surrounding you with love. Forever your loving husband, Monty.