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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 12th July 2009

Veronica, my dear, we are very conscious of the great burden that we, in Spirit, have placed on your shoulders. You work tirelessly on our behalf. We bring information from many quarters, as you need to know that others are also working with Spirit, bringing enlightenment to mankind. Man can no longer live in the darkness that has been unjustly imposed on him. The energy shift that began this week will, in time, open minds to look at what's being done to your world without your knowledge. The extent of the corruption is almost beyond belief; hence the difficulty seeing it. There are good people whose eyes have been opened and the combined energy will help a great deal. Each person will work within the field that is right for them, to bring the information out into the open. You and I, do it in our way. I will materialise and will once more speak myself. This will help to concentrate minds and open eyes. You knew me better than anyone and you know that I am a man of my word. You had the utmost confidence in me. You know that I will do as I say. I constantly give you and your friends evidence of my presence. I know how much it means to you to see me. I show myself as often as is possible.

The work you did in the past, prepared you for the information that is coming in now. It is not the terrible shock to you as it is to others. You were made aware of the Dark Side many years ago and saw the evidence of it. It takes great courage to come forward to speak out. They need to be supported.

Your world is being pushed towards another war. Look at those who profit from war . . .  do they give a second thought to the destruction of lives, the unnecessary death of men, women and children? You are led to believe that they are VICTIMS of war. No, they are victims of those who seek war. "What better way to create billowing clouds of black thought forms in the astral plane than to engineer a bloody and unsanitary war on Earth, where the youngest, healthiest and brightest victims are sacrificed in a country which few can even spell the name of." The unquestioning loyalty demanded by governments of those young men who are led, like lambs to the slaughter, is almost beyond belief. What do they achieve. They create enemies where none existed before. I ask you, please do not become victims of this fear that is created: fear of other races, religions, illness, etc., its primary purpose, at all times, is to control you. Ask just who is creating these terrorists you are supposed to be afraid of. Terrorists are not born terrorists, they are created by the conditions that are imposed on them by those who have no right to do so.

I promise you, my love, there is light at the end of the tunnel. More and more will turn towards it as this year progresses. Peace and love will return to your world. Money will lose its great hold on people. Values will change, people will find happiness once again. I grew up in a world of greed, where money was the only goal in life. Making money was what was lived for. I was fortunate enough to see through this at an early age and I escaped. At the farm, I learned the true meaning of life. I loved the Earth and what each season brought. Seeing the crops grow brought joy to my heart. When I had my pigs, who turned out to be much nicer than a lot of the people I had to contend with, I learned to love them, too. Being at one with Nature meant so much to me. I am so glad that for a few years, I was able to share this with you. As you had grown up in the country, you had an understanding of country life and appreciated it also. You were at my side when I decided that it was time for me to move on. You and I created our love nest in London. It was our haven. We were like youngsters once more, setting up home together. How people loved to visit, they never wanted to leave. It was like a cocoon of love and laughter and joy in each other that is so rare. That our love goes on, should not be a matter of surprise to anyone who knew us.

You have yet another busy week ahead of you. Know that I am at your side at all times. Forward we go, there is no stopping us now. We, in Spirit, are excited also. We will succeed.

I am, and forever will be, your adoring husband, Monty.