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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 8th July 2007

At last, my darling, you are resting as you should. We really need you to get all the rest you can, just now, as once we establish that we are through and intend to make major changes in your world, people will expect you to have all the answers. Well, if only they had listened, then it would not come as such a surprise to them. They will try the usual, "Ignore it and it will go away". That's not going to happen. Your planet is destroying itself, day by day. We cannot just ignore that. Good people suffer and it is not theirs to destroy. It must be restored to what it was intended to be in the first place. That is God's Will.

People are coming forward wanting to get involved, offering help. Take it, my dear. You so badly need it. You will all learn to fit in and work together. The three of you linked in to me. You asked about the crop circle (Daily Mail 2-7-07). I guided you on how to look at it and I enjoyed your excitement when it registered. Yes, darling, it is the Gateway. We are through, the transformation will be great. As always, my love, people are not prepared to see what we explicitly show them. The usual, "ignore it and it will go away" attitude. Well, ignore it at their peril.

We worked on ASJ to help him see our full plan, and he has, and so he now understands that this is what you wanted and it will work wonderfully. It is a massive project. Trust Spirit to open the right doors.

You have been invited to the United Nations again. You will see big changes in the thinking there. They are now truly open, being led magnificently, fearlessly, and openly. Expect great things from them. We are pleased with our efforts there. We started there, as they are connected to so many countries and can achieve so much.

The United States is preparing for the changes we have in mind. One is in place — Nancy Pelosi. The other, Hillary Clinton, if everything goes to plan, will be back in the White House being guided by Spirit to open the world to change for the better. She is a good woman with Man's best interests at heart. The dishonest will do all they can to prevent this, but they have had their day.

Bronwen is a great source of strength to you. She is a powerful and pure Spirit who works only for the good of mankind and is guided by Spirit. There really are people like that out there. It's just a matter of getting them to you. She and ASJ will work beautifully together. Their honesty is a shining example to the world. They were especially chosen by Spirit.

Rest my darling, rest. How we plead with you to rest. We need you fighting fit to complete our work. So much is expected of you and I know you will deliver. You are driven and you push yourself beyond all expectations. Trust us, all will happen when the timing is right. Our timing, as I continually point out. Everything is in hand, the hand of God. You are, my sweet, his instrument.

Try to have an easy week. Plenty of relaxation in your wonderful chair. We are as one, you and I. To truly love is the most beautiful experience on the Earth plane. We were so fortunate. Trust me, darling, we are ready to go forth and show ourselves. Reluctantly, people will accept you were right and they were wrong. They should ask themselves, "Why would I lie to them"? Rest, enjoy the good things that are happening. Know I am always with you, now, and for eternity. Your Monty.