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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 6th July 2008

Greetings, my love. What a week of enlightenment this has been for you. We are now able to show so much more. Yes, it can be like watching television, but this is so incredibly interesting and exciting. It is the veil being lifted and all becoming clear. You can now see clearly behind all the misinformation. I am aware that this is not the word that you would like to use here, but this will suffice. We are on a mission. Peter has suspected this from the beginning of his association with us. Alison felt this, the very first time she met you. There are very special people around you. Each of our group, chosen by us in Spirit. Their roles become clear as time goes on. This week, Bronwen's love of books was used to bring certain very important information to the fore. Acknowledge and assimilate this, and always be on guard. The enormity of our project is beginning to be realised. We had to lead you gently in. You and I, my dear, chose to do this before our last incarnation. We have achieved much in the past, though it is not available in memory in your present life. Though we thought we had "FOUND" each other, trust me, my love, it had been arranged for the greater good of mankind.

I asked that you read again what we wrote on 16-3-08. Look around you now, is it not so. I again point out that I, Montague Keen, your husband, am the only person that you should listen to, no matter what argument is used to persuade you otherwise. Look at what has been done, especially in the US and UK by my so-called friends, to rubbish our work. I ask them, in whose interests they do this? Where is their honesty and integrity? Did they ever have any? Greater power than theirs is in action.

Your world has been brought to its knees by the GREED of the few. Eyes must be opened, facts faced, and decisions made in the light of this. Each man is equal in the sight of God. Is Man greater than God? Do they intend to wait until they pass to Spirit before they accept this fact? Trust me, my dear, accept it they must. No man has a choice over life and death. Everyone travels the same road. There are NO FIRST CLASS PASSENGERS. This one fact alone should concentrate the mind.

You were surprised when you were talking with Prudence, last week, to realise that I was talking to you about OUR PORTAL, nearly three years ago. Darling, it is so much for one person to grasp, and deal with everyday living as well. So good to see Prudence showing an interest in our work. What a lovely young lady she is becoming. Try to spend time together. The young are the future leaders. The changes we create will be in their hands. Yes, I was pointing out to you that Peter is an extraordinary man, blessed with a magnificent brain which he uses to obtain real results. I know that you have visualised he and I, deep in discussion, and how you would have enjoyed it. It will happen in time. How do you think you would have met him, if I had not been pulling the strings. His link with Alison is beautiful, two minds working in harmony to achieve all we have set out to achieve.

I have shown you how I will go to the various parts of your world to speak, to open minds to us, to show how life should be lived. You have been shown how the corrupt used persuasion, and the law, and how they created false monetary values to achieve a structure of power over their fellow man. The only common denominator being birth and death. In my World of Spirit, there is no money. Only what you have achieved in your time on Earth. How you related to your fellow man is taken into consideration.

Yes, darling, I was given a beautiful death with you and Alexander at my side. Rupert Sheldrake, someone I continue to admire from this side of life, alongside. People were listening to my words when I was taken. What more could I have asked, only that the pain of this be lifted from Veronica. When my body was taken to the hospital to be pronounced dead, you, my darling, were at my side. Rupert and Alexander, Robert and Wendy, and Simon, joined us. These are some of the people who will stand at your side as you go forward to face the world. They will help create the Portal through which we in Spirit, will guide the world. We are, as we write, endeavouring to put things in place for this to occur. You ask, "who am I to do this". Never forget, you are my wife. In time, you will learn who you truly are. It is best for now just to be the wife of Montague Keen. We are one. Through you, I continue to be. Love is the greatest power of all.

This has been a very emotional writing for both of us. Your tears touch my soul. My love protects and guides you. Forward we go, together as one. I am your husband forever, Monty.