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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 5th July 2009

Veronica, my dear, so much has been revealed to you in the last week. Suddenly you understand all the information I have given to you since my passing. Shortly after I passed over, I realised that all the things I had taken at face value were camouflage, hiding what was actually going on. I constantly told you that "nothing is as it seems". Now, you fully understand this. I am aware that it has shocked you to see how mankind has been conned so successfully. The Dark Ones were in control. They brought your world to its knees in the pursuit of even more control.

I told you that an Energy Shift will occur, bringing Light into the Darkness, so that eyes will be opened and truth revealed. We are very close to this happening. It will go in stages. It would be too much for Man to deal with, if it happened suddenly. The enlightened will go forward, taking the world into the New Era. Those in Darkness will fall from grace, and lose control. They will fail to procreate and so will be removed from the Earth. The Era of Darkness is at an end. So many have paid in blood for this Darkness to succeed. The New Era will be different in every possible way. Love will prevail. The 4th Reich will not happen.

I told you that many changes will happen before the close of 2009. January 2010 will be a time of MASSIVE CHANGES, a real shake-up time for all. Christmas 2009, alas, will not be a pleasant experience. Food shortages will be used as a form of control. I ask that you prepare for this. Eyes will be opened, the veil of control will be removed. The dishonest will be forced to face the truth. The Dark's plans will not succeed. It’s a question of LIGHT and DARK, and the DARK cannot survive in the LIGHT.

You know that our plans will succeed. More people will come forward. You ask "Is 9-9-09 significant?" Well, not in your part of the world. But an invasion has been planned for some time. It will be in the Middle East. We, in Spirit, are trying to prevent it, but now that you know the reasons for these wars, you understand why situations are created so that they create an excuse to start a war. They will use any excuse. Fabricating excuses if necessary.

Veronica, you are on the right track. I guide the research you are doing. When you know you are right — stick with it, as it's coming from past-life memories. You ask, "Am I right about Ireland?" I say, yes, but nobody wants to believe it. You are looking in the right places. Why do you think Ireland was silenced and controlled. What you are looking at, is pre-Jurassic, pre-dinosaur. There were civilisations before the dinosaurs. No one knows this as yet. The information will be channeled to you. The dinosaurs were a genetic experiment that did not work out and so they were wiped out.

Veronica, keep it up, my girl, I promise it will become easier. In ancient times, women were the keepers of the secrets. Women must take their rightful place once more. Look at the enormous effort that was made to get rid of the indigenous people of Ireland, the Druids, etc. Why do you think that I designed The Montague Keen logo after my passing, to have a complete pyramid; not like the one depicted on the dollar bill, with the top, separate, containing the secrets. Ours contains all the information, secrets included. We have nothing to hide.

I ask all of you to open yourselves up to the New Energy which is bringing truth to every man. Regain your dignity, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Truth will set you free. Reach out to each other. Learn to trust once more. Talk to each other. Do not allow the TV to be your only source of information. Remember, information was never, ever, so available as it is now. Study it, ask questions.

The POLE SHIFT will happen. It has to happen, this being one of the major changes that has to happen. Much damage has been done to planet Earth, such as the hole in the ozone layer caused by microwave energy. This, too, is being used to create fear in Man, and so control him. It is government scientists who are responsible for it. Too much is done in secret, which causes mistrust among nations. All this must stop. Openness and trust must be the order of the day for the New Era.

Together, my love, we will usher in the New Era of peace and love. Our work will bear fruit. Together, we are ploughing the field in preparation. Do try to rest, my love. Worry not, succeed we will. Try to spend more time with friends and like-minded people, just as I used to. It is good for the soul to be able to talk with others.

Welcome the energy shift. Welcome it into your lives. See it as the oxygen of the soul. I will never leave you. We are bound together for all eternity. Your own, Monty.