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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 1st July 2007

Greetings, my love. What a busy week you had. I was, as always, at your side throughout.

Please thank Neil for advising and guiding you. What a causality TRUTH has become in all this, it is totally ignored. What I asked for, and expected, discarded completely in greed. Do people not realise that they will answer for their dishonesty and corruption? In time they will answer to me also. This year, my love, the dishonest are being removed from power throughout the world. It is happening even as we write. TRUTH will reign supreme.

Yes, Bronwen recognised also what I saw in Alexander. He will achieve great things. You, my dear, always knew he was special. His time will come. He needs to live a little first; to study, to open up his mind. You will all be so proud of him in time.

It was lovely to see you and your friends at Rupert's talk. Of course, I was there. Rupert is special to me, he always was. Spirit used him to bring us together and he was there when I passed to Spirit. That was no accident. He will open up to Spirit completely and we will guide him. He has only to ask. I await his call.

I am bringing people in, all the time now, to work with you and some, just to support you. You always reached out to help others, you must learn to accept help now. There is much to be done. M.S., whose book you could not put down, will work alongside you. She is one of the rarest people in your world, she is capable of so much. The fact that you will meet soon, pleases me so much. You both understand what is going on and what we, in Spirit, will achieve this year. Yes, I feel she should go to America with you and Bronwen. The three of you will take the US by storm! The timing is right. TRUTH will triumph. The dishonest have had their day and will be removed unceremoniously. How dare they interfere with my wishes and my property Do they think I will just stand idly by and watch helplessly? I can achieve more now by thought than ever I did on earth. Watch me!

Unfortunately, you have had to deal with so much dishonesty since I passed. You, my love, never swayed at all. I never realised that this field in which we operate, is surrounded by massive egos, total liars, etc. You have always lived by the maxim, "The TRUTH will come out in the end", and when it does, just where do you think those people will find themselves. They will try to hide behind excuses but there is no hiding place. Only the HONEST will SURVIVE.

We have such wonderful plans, my love. We just need everything in place to achieve them. The world will listen. We will deal with health issues, pollution, feeding the world. You will get the help required. You knew Bob Geldoff at one time. You will give him the information necessary to achieve his aims. You will like Bono also. These you can trust, they have integrity. The inequalities in your world will have to be dealt with, and it is not going to be easy. But we, in Spirit, will do our utmost to see to it that you will achieve it.

Anthony is right, trust him. We are 100% behind him. He is pure spirit, totally honest. We, in Spirit, look to him for so much, and he will not let us down. That is why he was chosen. TIMING — it's all down to timing. You have got to get that right. In time, the WHOLE WORLD will accept it and welcome it. It has never, ever been easy to change world views, he knows that.

We have done the groundwork. We are ready to complete all that we set out to do, and with your love and support, we will change the thinking in your world. JUSTICE for all. EQUALITY — that was never achieved in the history of the world. We are all GOD'S SPIRITS. Just now, you wear a human body. I do not. But we are SPIRIT. Those who believe that when they die, that's it; well, they’ll certainly have to face facts when they pass over. It is such a shock to them, it takes a long time to adjust to the fact that they were wrong. The joy and celebration when I arrived. How I wish I could have shared it with you. But we need you right there to continue my work. I promise you, my love, the WELCOME of WELCOMES when you join me in Spirit.

Everything is coming together now. I know it is hard work but we will succeed. You were blessed with your family, always there to support you. I never had that. They never believed in my work. Now they are desperately trying to make money out of what they never believed, that speaks for itself.

Another busy week ahead of you, my dear. I will guide you. People are coming to London to meet you, as they should. That's good. We look after you. I never leave you. I am, and always will be, your adoring husband, Monty.