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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th July 2008

Well, my darling, you've got to admit it's all coming together beautifully, just as I said it would. Peter was magnificent, as always, producing the answers as required, plus the necessary statistics. He is, as you say yourself, a treasure, and on both sides of life we appreciate the effort he is putting into our work. I told you many times, that there were others in your world receiving information also, and that they would find you and communicate with you. You could hardly contain yourself this week, when one such made contact. Darling, always be on guard, as there will also be people who will try to infiltrate our group for the wrong reasons. The enlightened will come together. This is what you are experiencing right now. They recognise you, just as you recognise them when you meet. Darling, it was that light that drew us together in the first place. It was as if we recognised each other. On the other hand, it is difficult for people like us to relate to the unenlightened. It caused problems for us when we tried to conform.

This has been a week of good news for you, coming from different parts of the world. I know how you look forward to meeting Simeon again. Do try to spend as much time as possible together. I have been communicating with him. We need people of his calibre on board. Allow me to choose our people, I will bring them as and when required. All those who are part of the MKF were carefully chosen, nothing can be left to chance. This week's developments have helped people to fully understand that this is much BIGGER than just you and I communicating. There is real information to be revealed for all mankind. It is time that your world and its place in the universe was fully understood by all. No longer will religions and governments be able to keep information secret. The truth will be exposed for all to see and those who have tried to hide the truth from you will also be exposed. The corrupt will have nowhere to hide. I, Montague Vernon Keen, promise you this.

There are people in your world, right now, being encouraged by us in Spirit to ask questions, and to come forth with information that so far, was suppressed. John Mack and I told you, many times, of other planets with people more advanced than on Earth. We told you that Earth has been visited many times but the information was kept secret. It is time to move forward, to open up, to learn about the universe you inhabit, to stop being controlled. Just look where this has led your world.

We are busy putting things in place so that you will meet the right people to take our projects forward. So I ask that you are ready to travel or receive them, whichever is required. I have always said that you will meet B.C., and I have shown you many times, how you will receive him in our home. He will be a very important connection for us to call on, when needing to meet the right people for our projects. As you know, one thing needs to be dealt with first, then everything will fall into place quite quickly. You have a lovely team around you, and you, my dear, need each and every one of them to be there for you, remembering always that they are the chosen ones.

There are those who read my letters to you, always looking for things to try to hurt you with. But there are others who read with interest my words to you. It reassures them that there is, indeed, another life to be looked forward to, and to prepare for. Death is not a thing of choice. It comes to all. It is a great leveller. To those who are interested in our work — you are very welcome. To the others, I say wake-up and face facts — you are to be pitied.

Sorry, I've been a bit heavy today. Some things just have to be said. It was good to share the laughter over lunch yesterday. I thank Brian for inviting you and Aundrea, and John joining you and creating so much laughter. Please do this more often. You and I had so much joy and laughter in our lives, and now you concentrate on our work, you are constantly running to the computer, dealing with everything to do with MKF. Please take time for you, to enjoy friends and the lovely family you were blessed with. I send greetings to all who take time to be with you to share this path which you have chosen for the good of mankind. Darling, in time, our love will inspire many.

Doors are opening, shutters are being lifted. Forward we go, together, my love. We will reveal the truth to all. I am always at your side. Your husband forever, your Monty.