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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 31st May 2009

There are many people around the world who will be happy that I have commenced writing with you once more. They are not aware of the immense amount of work that we have done since February. Please make them aware that we cannot, as yet, go public on it. All will be revealed in time, and I do mean, all. Look at what is happening in England. Dishonesty is being revealed, just as I promised it would, and the public are finding their voice and reclaiming their power, which was usurped for far too long. Corruption reigns supreme in your world. This cannot be allowed to continue. There are enlightened people out there who are trying to expose it. They are opening minds who then demand truth and justice. The control of the masses is coming to an end. Every man has a right to truth. For far too long, even your food has been tampered with, to control you. Your TV and newspapers work together to control what information you receive. The young are fed a programme of violence, both on TV and in films. So is it any wonder that there is so much killing and so many are locked up for violence. Family life must be encouraged, there is no substitute. Every child needs a stable home where there is love, laughter and security. Governments, as well as religions, are guilty of destroying many lives. They are only interested in power and control. But they have failed in their quest for supreme control.

Our plans are great. There are many, on our side of life, who intend to make the necessary changes in your world so that the greed of the few will not succeed. In recent weeks, the information seems to be coming at you from all different directions. All talk of a coming, though they are not sure of who, or where. I told you that the information would be given to others, also, so that they, in turn, will guide their people to be prepared.

Veronica, my dear, look at the people who ask to meet you now. You know that this does not happen by chance. We in Spirit, bring them to your attention. All good people must come together to combine their ENERGY to create the energy necessary for our work on Earth to succeed. I promise you, we will succeed. This is for the good of humanity. I promise that the people who were trusted by so many souls will be exposed as frauds, especially those who pretended to work with Spirit. I have talked with you, many times, about the AKASHIC RECORDS. The information has always been there, but HIDDEN. Remember that all information is available to us in Spirit. We see all, we hear all. Earthly restrictions do not apply to us. There is no hiding place.

You and I work as one. We will complete our mission. Know who you are and know who I am. The knowledge that is deep within you will be brought to the surface, once more, as it was with me, shortly before I passed to Spirit. I tried to get it all down in print, and sadly, an evil one stole it. He thinks he has the only copy. He does not want this information to come out and will do all in his power to stop it. You remember that towards the end of my time on Earth, the World of Spirit revealed so much to me. Every time I closed my eyes it just flowed. It was all so easy, so exciting. I became aware of who I truly was, which explained to me why I could not ever be the person I was expected to be, by those who pretended to care for me but who only wanted me to be one of them. Veronica, it was only when you and I came together that I could truly be who I truly am. With you, I was complete for the first time in my life. I belonged. I was loved. I was free, at last, TO BE ME. Now, you understand why we recognised each other and had to be together. Our time in Egypt was sometimes "out of this world". Now you understand why.

Peter is invaluable to you, to explain some of the information I bring to you. How many times have I told you that light and truth will come to your world. As you know, in my last incarnation I worked hard to bring the truth out into the open. Those who considered themselves superior to me, did all in their power to suppress my work. A professorship does not automatically give you access to TRUTH. Within paranormal investigation there were those I now see to be frauds, and consequently, they have held back the work of Spirit. They see their work only as a means to fame and fortune. There were those, also — though they knew my work in this field to be 100% honest and accurate — that were frightened to rock the boat, in case they lost their security. Very few were prepared to stand up and be counted. Since my passing, those people, because they could not prevent you working with me, now try to rubbish what we do. This is a foolish path for them to take. Do they not know that THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT IN THE END.

My dear wife, I constantly surround you with my love. I am ever at your side. We are one, we will succeed. They sang The Power of Love; soon, they will see the Power of Love in action. Please thank all those who support you. We in Spirit, appreciate all they do for you. It is not an easy path, but it is an important one. I will, one day, thank them personally. Their part in our work is greatly appreciated.

We are entering interesting times. I will never leave you. We are bound together for all eternity. I remain your devoted husband, Monty.