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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 29th July 2007

Veronica, my darling, your excitement is so great. We feel it here. Yes, we are very close to achieving all that we set out to do. What I promised you, is at hand. Next week will almost be too much for you. Please, love, try to keep calm and keep your feet on the ground. Our plans are great and to achieve them we need you. As yet, you have not realised just how important you are to us, yes all 12 of us. We confirmed that many times last week, and so much more also.

We have brought the right people forward to work with you. The excitement generated by all of you is wonderful. It means you are all linked together in Spirit. You have been given, this week, information that I gave to you shortly after I passed over, and you had forgotten, and so it almost took your breath away. This was done to remind you that, yes, you will achieve this. How many times have John Mack and I asked you to start putting the books together. We will inspire you, so have no worries on that front, love. I promised you that you will enjoy the experience, and the sense of achievement it will bring to you. We, on this side of life, are ready to go. Put out of your mind all those people who want to see you fail, that is not going to happen. You will achieve it, we have set it in place.

You have been given dates to look out for, and to be prepared for. Jo's link with you is powerful. She understands and has a good link with Spirit. You were taken aback when she mentioned messages in ancient script, and triangles. I had told you a long time ago, you would be contacted by people who are receiving this information. She is the first. So you see, though you have to wait a little while occasionally, everything I say does happen eventually, no matter how crazy you feel it is at the time. She will be a source of strength and friendship to you. We will use her to confirm the messages you have already received.

She had no idea why the number 12 was so important, and when she was given "there were 11, and plus 1 made 12", you knew instantly. It was the eleven spirits in the Network and when I joined them, it became twelve. You are, of course, right. It is the Network.

Please do not feel responsible in any way about my work that was stolen from our garage. Now, I showed you how it was done. Two people living nearby, aided and sheltered the two men, and now it's locked in a safe in a study in South London. [I was given the identity of everyone involved.] They do not understand what they have got, nor will they ever. It's way over their heads, and they will be punished for what they have done, all of them. Spirit will see to that. People of evil intent will be exposed.

Remember, just weeks after I passed, when I told you that one day, you would speak in a particular place, and you were incredulous. We showed both you and Jo, that it's not far off; in fact, we are in the process of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, ready for take off. You know how important our crest is. An image of it appeared in the sky over England last week and caused much excitement over Stratford-upon-Avon. I did tell you, we would give signs when we were ready for action. It was, of course, our triangle.

Please, try to keep calm. We need you to be calm. There are now so many people coming forward to work with you. People of such high calibre that you never expected would be interested in our work. It all comes to those who trust, and you have never doubted me for one moment. We will show them, my love.

This week, I promise you, will be a very exciting week. A taste of what is to come. Relax and enjoy it. There will be many more like this, this is just the beginning. By March next year, your world will have changed completely, it will have become stable and a better place for all. The dishonest removed from positions of authority and power, honesty and openness in governments will follow. The rat race will cease; the rats will flee, terrified of exposure. Enjoy your experiences this week, knowing our love drives them, and show the world what true love can achieve. I promised you I would never leave you. I am forever your husband, Monty.