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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 21st January 2007

My love, you have had a hard week, but good things happened also. We try to ensure that there is a balance. You have been offered help: take it, we have brought it to you. Our progress is steady and we are trying to pace things so they do not overwhelm you. There is only so much you can deal with. We are so excited and so eager to make changes in your world, the need to do this is great and so urgent. I know you will follow our requests to the letter. I know you do this for me, but trust me, my love, this is YOUR WORK and you must claim recognition for it yourself. I agree, the work you do is based on my work, but it is your work, when you "know" something and you "feel" it is true, you do not have to have it confirmed. Please have more confidence in yourself. I know you are conscious of the fact you are not an academic and do not fit into that world, and that's part of your problem. Please believe in yourself. Remember what John Mack said to you. Sometimes it is better not to be an academic — you are less restricted. You have all the information the world needs and that is why John came to work with you. Good people will understand that. The others are not worth their salt, you do not need them.

Our Foundation — we have the WATCHERS looking at our website, watching it for their own purposes. They are gathering information in relation to what is going on. The academics are comparing what is going on in other sites. The people who were interested in my work are watching, because it is my site, and because of that, it draws more attention. They are making notes of what is on our website and they will try to discredit you, my love. S. will stick his oar in, but it will not be a S. production. This is about vulnerability — yours, my dear, not theirs. They feel they want to discredit Veronica Keen; but by definition, if they discredit Veronica, you automatically discredit Montague and the Foundation. Unfortunately, academics never look at that, as they see themselves as so intelligent anyway, they do not need to.

There is so much excitement around you now, it's like a firework display. On one hand, it's about what you were told about February, and the excitement about our Foundation, etc. Try to rest and be prepared. What a lovely gathering you had for me on the 15th. I waited at Maeve’s door with you. I even saw my reflection in the mirror and I tried to get you to look, but you were worried about time, etc. Darling, we have decided to leave gaps between happenings. They will be deliberate, and it's got nothing to do with anything NEGATIVE. It is just to curtail how much you are doing. The gaps are designed for your recovery, as in spite of what you try to do, you are no longer 21 and will need that time. People will re-look at my research so my name will come up. They are even talking of some sort of dedication to me by my peers — it was discussed recently. They see it as elevating me.

Big changes are happening in America. There are two layers. The underneath layer is where it's occurring, it's like a tsunami led by the disaffected people. There is a split with the stuffy people, S. and co., the older generation, and those who follow the party line, the people who have other agendas.

The ordinary people want to understand and listen, and they do not want to be confused anymore. Even the Testing Mediums site is being faded out. They are watching our site and trying to destroy it. However, the funny thing is, while they are trying to destroy ours, SPIRIT stepped in and destroyed theirs. You can see the dips already. All such things are going to shift. As soon as the bottom layer's pressure builds up, it will be a clean sweep. There are certain things that are not functioning as they should and they will be swept away. Change will start in America and follow on in the UK. The shift has started. S. might think he is doing quite well now, but the greater demonstration of JUSTICE is when a man does wrong — recovers, and goes on to bigger and better things, and it is then that the rug is pulled out from under his feet. This is going on as we speak, and not just with him. It's happening to several other people who are DISHONEST also. It's like they are having success after success, but they do not realise there is a cord attached to their backs and they will come to a complete HALT. JUSTICE will happen between now and the end of the year. Everything will be dealt with, NOTHING will seem the same. They are being removed by Spirit and there is nothing they can do about it. DISHONESTY will be dealt with.

Organised religion itself is all going to be changed. They do not serve mankind. They were created by Man and corrupted by Man. Some of the changes will be subtle, but some will happen with a bang. Our Foundation will accomplish things and it will expand. You will get help. There are some honest people out there, and they will come forward. Trust me, the dishonest in all walks of life will be dealt with. You, and people like you, who have stood up against all odds, and stood up for what you know to be true, will be listened to. You will receive an invitation to speak in America. It will be after your health is sorted out. At this particular venue, there will be one of the dishonest people. He will do all in his power to destroy you, but he will fail and be showed up for what he is.

Our work on global warming is about to go public. J.S. will be a big part of that. Your team is perfectly balanced, you all blend together perfectly. The world is more than ready for it, and will understand that we in Spirit can do so much more than they ever dreamed of. No longer is it Uncle John sending his love. That is all old hat now. We have progressed to greater things, and with you and a few other trusted people, we will change the thinking in your world. The timing is right — we are on our way. I do not know what we would have done without you, my love, you have surpassed even my wildest expectations and hopes. We will support you and protect you in all you do. We will give you the courage to go forward in our name and help your fellow man. This will be your work and mine, and we will continue it together when you come to Spirit. My love for you grows daily. I am so proud of you. I know you feel my love, that is why you cope so well. We will succeed. I am always at your side. I remain your loyal husband, Monty.