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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 20th January 2008

It has been such a hard week for you, my love. The anniversary of my passing is heartbreaking for you. I show you every day that I am still with you. I know it disturbs some people, but it is important for us to be aware of each other at all times. Love such as ours, never ends. We are true soul mates. We work together now, and when you join me, you will have set the stage for so much that we will then, together continue, to enlighten and guide those who have chosen to take our work further. Trust me, darling, your world desperately needs this. It is our legacy to mankind.

The dishonesty of others disturbs you greatly. I sincerely apologise for leaving you prey to such dreadful people whose only goal in life is to gain as much money as possible, irrespective of the pain and suffering caused. That I knew them and trusted them is something I am deeply ashamed of. My work controlled my life to such a degree, I failed to look closely. I took them at face value. I believed qualifications that have now been shown to be false. I accepted someone just because he was married to a member of my family. I now see, it is she who is in control. Her DARK SIDE was well hidden. TRUTH WILL ALWAYS COME OUT IN THE END. People got away with so much in the past. They actually feel secure, that was the past. The present, 2008, will see the dishonest answer for their dishonesty. Your world will be a better place without them.

We try to move forward with our answer to CO2. The right people are slowing coming forward. You feel it is taking time. But, my love, that is necessary, as it is important to have the right people on board. You will see us advance on this soon. It would be good if you were to visit our friend, just to assure him we have his best interest at heart, and will guide him every step of the way. He is a good man, an honest man. He trusts you, he always has. Handle with care, protect when necessary.

I ask you, this week, to take time to go through important papers. Select some, copy and send to the appropriate department, and hopefully you will get the results you need and deserve. I failed you, my love, I should have taken more care of our worldly possessions, and protected your interests in certain things. Because my work was important to both of us, we failed to deal correctly with other matters. I am trying to put this right now. A little late, but better late than never.

Peter W's understanding of our project is a delight to all of us. How blessed we are to have him on board, he is indeed a good and honest man, respected in both worlds. He will see his dream unfold. We, too, are putting a great deal of effort into it. It will be an inspiration to the whole world. It will deal with every aspect of life and be an inspiration to all.

You had some revelations last evening, as your circle sat. You each took turns and allowed Spirit to show themselves by overshadowing you. You have the films to study. Take the advice I gave you and go forward with my love in my name. These evenings will become more and more productive. We are all finding our feet and we are confident of the results. We have much to show you. This is our year, my darling, to show the world what real love can achieve. To those who try to destroy you, I say, WATCH OUT, we will deal with you.

You will meet people this year, my love, you never even in your wildest dreams ever expected to meet and be friends with. They come forward as part of our team on Earth, from every corner of the Earth and every walk of life, just as it always should be. History will be made, my love. We, on this side of life, choose those who will come forward. The dishonest will fall by the wayside; their time is over. A NEW WORLD ORDER begins. Now, surely you understand why I had to go when I did. Our work had to begin, the timing was right. You were brought into my life for this reason. You gave yourself totally to me, when I was on the Earth plane, and you have devoted your life completely to me and my work now. What more could any man ever have asked for. Your devotion to me is an inspiration to many.

Try to take time for yourself, you are quite exhausted. Everything will happen in its own time. This is our year, my darling. We will achieve much. I am always by your side and in your heart. Try to rest. I am, as always, your loving husband, Monty.