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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18th January 2009

Remember, my darling, "The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become because of it." (John Ruskin).

You and I, give our all, to complete the mission that was entrusted to us. Life on Earth was never meant to be easy, there are lessons to be learned. How we respond to our fellow man is of great importance. We must never harm or cause suffering, there is always a price to pay.

Remember when I used to talk to you about how I suffered as a child, from asthma. I had it until I was 60 years old. I remember the many times I was rushed to hospital. Added to that, I had psoriasis when quite young, and my mother tied my hands to the head of the bed every night, so I could not move. I did not want to go on living, then; it was too painful. But I survived it. I felt so unloved and alone, it was a difficult childhood. My life fell apart completely when the bomb hit our house, killing my father, and in one fell swoop, I lost all that I held dear. I had to grow up fast. It was a hard lesson for one so young.

In going over this, once more, I am showing you that one can survive the difficult times. By going through hard times, one learns to show compassion to one’s fellow man. Being with you, I learned so much. I gained a confidence that enabled me to be who I truly was. I began to recognise the real me.

What is your world descending to, when it stands by and watches the slaughter of innocent women and children. The SILENCE was deafening. Only Ban Ki Moon had the courage to speak out. The repercussions will be great. Evil has to be flushed out before a New Dawn begins. No one can stop this, it has been ordained and so it must be so.

You do not always understand why suddenly things are changed. Remember, there is always a reason for this, though one cannot see it at the time. Things have to be put in place for the right outcome to occur. Corruption in all walks of life has to be dealt with, there is no hiding place.

Spring will soon be there, with all the new beginnings bringing new hope to all. People are becoming more aware of all that needs changing in your world, and are looking for ways to bring the necessary changes about. Every man has the right to the TRUTH. There should not be secret societies or Government Secret Acts, thus depriving man of the information to enable him to make valued judgments and know his rights. Man is conned throughout his life by those who have no right to do this. I will speak, my dear, when the timing is right.

America is hoping for new beginnings. Unfortunately, it will be almost the same as before. It is all a great illusion. It is just a change of face, that's all. You know what will happen, my dear. Yes, it is sad. Those who control all, will continue to control all. They do not intend to relinquish the control they have taken years to put in place. You know, my dear, who they are.

The fifth anniversary of my passing was very hard for you, my love. I thank Bronwen for taking you to lunch. Just girls together, both missing their respective husbands. Always remember, your husbands are very proud of what both of you have achieved since we passed to Spirit. I know it pleases you when I open the door and ring my bell to announce my presence. We are in tune with each other, aware of even fleeting thoughts.

You have good friends, my dear, who love and support you. They understand the importance of the work we do and wish to be part of it. We, in Spirit, thank them. They were chosen by Spirit. Each of them playing different roles, all for the same end — the enlightenment of mankind and to uphold TRUTH and HONESTY for all.

When you consented to become my wife, I thought I could not ask anything more from life. I felt I had it all, my life was at last, complete. I was truly loved, appreciated, accepted and happy beyond my wildest dreams. I could never leave you, my dear wife. Forward we go to complete our mission.

I remain forever your devoted husband, Monty.