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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 14th January 2007

2007 will be a year of miracles, my love, and you deserve every last one of them. You have worked tirelessly for this day. The veils have all been lifted, we just have the last one to go, so look to FEBRUARY. We are knocking on the door. Things will happen when they are meant to happen, it involves other people and their lives also. It's a group energy and there will be more than one of us. It's not just the fact we are appearing, we will bring information. I will discuss health issues, among other things. When I passed, I met up with scientists who were working on this idea, and they needed someone on Earth to work with. I provided you, my dear. It's rather like science fiction coming to fruition. There are many people who want to materialise also. Helen Duncan is quite excited and wants to join us, hence the Scottish connection. We will let you know when it's about to happen. Also Robert, Anthony, and Joan, we need you to be ready to receive the news. We are doing it for the sake of humanity.

England will make an attempt to get to the Moon and they will be going forward light years, because of ideas that are being given to them.

Good things will be happening. A GREAT SUN will appear in the sky and the rays of the sun will be so powerful it will change peoples lives. They will be aware of the power and energy of it, and there will be an eclipse situation in the stars and the firmament, like something crossing the Sun and connecting to the Moon, and it's going to SHIFT OLD ENERGY, COMPLETELY. There will be great improvement in people’s lives. People will wake up and understand there is a price to pay for everything, and they will have to compromise, and allow others to have a decent life, also.

The scientists have had a major breakthrough in the last ten days, relative to the universe and matters of the universe. They are already now, able to take something the size of a brick, dematerialise it, and dematerialise it. They are a lot more advanced than that, really, in the USA and Russia. They are working on being able to dematerialise whole armaments sections, so suddenly, there's nothing there one minute, and the next, it's all there. They learn so much when they go into space, it's a totally different environment, so consequently, they are closer to us. You have the Hubble Telescope, but there is a new one going up and it's discovering more and more within the next five years. Incredible things will be happening.

I told you, you would have a connection with the Secretary General of the UN, quickly. Alison met him last week, and she and Joan will talk with him again, soon, and when he invites you, Anthony will take you there.

Prepare all the evidence for Anthony to take to the US to discuss our film. There could not be anyone better or more capable than he. Anthony will want to get it sorted out rapidly. The film makers will have to create a slot, so it may be June. The right person will be found to play me. He needs to be a little like a scientist, a very good communicator and a very impassioned speaker. So you will be surprised at the end of the day when you see who it turns out to be. It's already being organised.

The journey has just begun at another level, so if you appreciate that I AM ON MY WAY, do not put pressure on yourself. NOTHING WILL STOP US FROM GETTING THROUGH and doing what we want to do on this Earth. This programme is ALREADY ON-GOING and NOTHING WILL GET IN ITS PATH. The majority of humanity have asked for change and therefore, because of that, more can be achieved. Miracles are taking place.

I always assumed people understood my work. I now understand some did not, and some did not even come close, but definitely some people will be speaking up on my behalf. So do not worry, it's all being resolved. Important people are coming into place, and when they speak, they will be heard and be recognised, and things will follow from there, pretty rapidly. My old colleagues will be like flies that have been swatted.

I have been rather heavy today, but it’s all so exciting and positive. I was bursting to tell you. Remember how I used to rush in, to tell you. I loved sharing it with you, and that has not changed one bit.

Tomorrow, the third anniversary of my passing, I am pleased you will be at the Farmers Club with family and friends and I can assure you, I will be there too. You know me, I would never want to miss good food and conversation.

Your meeting with Anthony was a joy to watch. You never ever expected Anthony to pay an assistant to help collate all the evidence to take to the Film Co. He is pure light and is quite excited by it all.

My love is with you always. Do try to rest. It will not be long now and you will see me again. Always your husband, Monty.