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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 13th January 2008

Well, my darling, we exceeded your expectations last evening. For the first time, you have actually filmed Spirit. Trust me, this is just the beginning. We need you to be ready to go forward each time. There is much to learn. Your experience was so profound, so unique. You left your body, you came to me, I held you in my arms once more. Everyone was aware of what had happened. Study the film. You were reluctant to return. Just think, one day you will come and stay with me. Unfortunately, you have work to complete on Earth.

We showed you on Thursday, why that very special scientist has become friendly with you. You had asked yourself, many times, why this world-famous man is coming to visit you. Then the penny dropped, and you realised that John and I planned it. The trust had to build between you, before you were told you had a friend in common. There will be many occasions when you will do something without understanding why, only that you are being pushed to do it. That is when we are working with you.

There is so much opening up for you. The information flowing from Peter W. and Alison, about our building, is so exciting. Yes, my dear, their understanding of the importance of this building is unfolding day by day. Its function as a place of enlightenment for mankind is without question. Major change is happening in your world, some of which you are not aware of, as yet. We will bring the necessary information, as and when you are ready to deal with it.

The instructions we gave last evening, as to my papers, etc., must be dealt with immediately. Everything must be clearly stated, nothing can be left to chance. I, and I alone, decide on such matters. I know Mark will help deal with this, though he has a lot on his mind just now. Please tell him, we felt compelled to bring certain information to his attention. We have only his best interests in mind. He is important to the MKF, we appreciate all his help and so we look out for him.

Ann opened some doors last evening. Study the film, she is ready. We will show more next week. We will lead her gently in, gradually building her confidence in her ability to work with Spirit. I promised you surprises. You know me, my love, I always keep my promises.

Remember I told you that a certain person's dishonesty would be exposed. Well, it is out there now, for all the world to see. That was yet another surprise we arranged for you. You could hardly believe your eyes when you received the email, telling you about it. It seems that lots of people got them. People must ask themselves, if it was untrue, would he keep so quiet? That says it all. I tell you, over and over again, the TRUTH will always come out, we will see to it. To those working in our field, beware. We are watching you. The dishonesty must stop. It is time for your world to be on a more honest footing, it is the only way forward.

Darling, we too were excited when Hillary Clinton found her feet, and showed America that she is capable of dealing with setbacks. Always remember, when other women would have "lost it", she dealt magnificently with problems that occurred when she was First Lady. She showed DIGNITY and CONTROL. This is exactly what is needed in the White House now. America and the rest of the world need to know they are in safe hands.

Though you were not well, last week, you never, even for a moment, considered cancelling our séance. Your devotion to our work is so touching, my love. I am very proud of you. I thank you. Follow carefully all the instructions given last evening, I cannot stress the importance of our requests too much.

You keep remembering the 15th January, four years ago, as Alexander, you, and I, laughed and joked on our way to the RSA. What transpired will live in your memories forever. I wish we could have made it easier for you, but the Spirit World decided my death had to be in a public place. It had to be dramatic, so it would be remembered. It also created a special bond between you and Alexander. Try not to dwell on my passing, my love, you have been listening to tapes of my voice, remembering lectures. It is better, my love, to remember the living me, the good times we shared, our special moments. I am always with you. I will never leave you. Your Monty.