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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 11th January 2009

Veronica, my dear, you and I have come a long way since that day in March 1996 when Dr Rupert Sheldrake brought us together. No one could have known, back then, the roles they were playing in the future of their world. The love I had spent my life seeking, was mine at last. We had no idea then, that our coming together was part of the Great Plan. Our mission, to work on both sides of life. The power of love makes this possible. If only people could learn to think with their hearts, instead of their heads, as they were mistakenly taught. Our love knows no bounds. When I met you, I blossomed, I came to life, I became the real me. I no longer allowed people to make me feel guilty that I could not be the person they had tried to force me to be. I was free, at last. Let us show pity to those whose lives are so barren that they fail to see the love we continue to share. They failed to understand my work when I was on Earth, though I spent 60 years of my life devoted to it. So there is no possibility that they could understand it now. Death alone will open their eyes.

It is good that you are meeting others whose mission is similar to yours. To expose corruption is high on the agenda of many in your world. As I have said many times before, eyes are being opened, and questions asked, and truth sought. You each have a role in the exposure of corruption, and so restoring freedom of choice and justice for all. Man was meant to live in peace, but some allowed their EGOs to get out of hand. They wanted to control and feel superior, and so began the destruction you see before you now.

You know which vaccine brought about the epidemics of cancer, AIDS, diabetes, etc, that people are suffering from today — all due to greed. We will change all this when we have our laboratory. We, in Spirit, will bring the information that will bring about all the changes necessary for mankind to live life as he should. Never trust people whose lives are motivated by GREED and social climbing. It is all false. They are to be pitied. I was, and still am, an HONEST MAN. You admired, and respected me, for this. I lived my life as I had hoped others around me, lived theirs.

The cold weather you are enduring has brought hardship to many. Governments need to reach out to try to restore the lives of those who have fallen on hard times. It can and must be done. You will see many changes this year.

Veronica, my dear, I am bringing so much information to your attention, it’s difficult to keep up. You know me, I still get excited when things happen.

You are tired, and so I will take my leave of you for now. I am always at your side, ensuring that you feel loved and appreciated at all times. I am, and always will be, your devoted husband, Monty.