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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th January 2007

As promised, you have been getting emails from around the world. The interest in our work will increase. People are beginning to realise we are a force to be reckoned with, and they will recognise that the people who tried to rubbish it are extremely jealous of it, and are frightened, as it makes what they do, look so insignificant and mundane. Time to move on, they have made their money out of it. They have not managed to produce anything that has not been done over and over again for many, many years. The bottom line is, they are frightened they will become redundant. Facing facts has never been easy for them. It will be interesting to observe.

Thank you, my dear, for arranging the meeting on the 9th with Anthony. It will enable you two, to arrange dates for meetings with our scientist, and the financial arrangements must be put in place. Time is of the essence, and we, in Spirit, have such great plans, and I am eager to see them through. The need for this becomes greater every day, it’s so difficult for us to look on and feel useless. We have got to act quickly. It will not happen overnight and the problem just gets worse. I know you do your best. Your hands are tied. You need Anthony and Robert to go forward.

You will see Peter on the 10th. He has been such a help to you. Please convey the fact I am so pleased with the way he has dealt with you. He is a man who cares for truth and his spiritual life is important to him. He will move out of London, but I can tell you, you will meet him again. When he has had his rest, he will contact you. He has become so interested in our work. Though you have had to deal with such dishonesty and criminal behaviour since I passed, you have also met good people like Peter.

You found it interesting that Keith, in California, was also told four months ago in the U.S., that in February things will start to happen. He is very excited and open to Spirit. He will be a source of strength to you. You will meet. Tell him he is right, there is a coordinated effort and it’s gaining momentum very fast. Remember I told you there are people out there who understand and are excited by all that’s happening. You, my dear, are not alone. Like-minded people will come forward and you will all work together. This is what is needed. The world must WAKE UP to it, it has no choice. I see you arranging a conference and bringing all the information to the people. They do not realise that you do not put the important scientific information on the web. They do not know about the mountain of evidence, etc., you have. You alone know that. It will be shared, one day, but not yet. They are not ready for it. They are clinging desperately to their safe "little boxes" and withdraw to them, whenever anyone questions them. Because I was honest, I assumed the people I trusted were honourable people too; and they have brought your world to the brink of disaster.

Change will not come easily to many countries. In the end, they will have no choice. Think of the many countries which would love to change, and would love the idea of all countries accepting each other, and working together for the greater good. It will happen, you cannot see it now, but that is our aim. No more plundering and causing wars. The scientists will concentrate on improving life, not destroying it. Weapons will not be needed. People will share information with the developing countries. No one will starve or have to beg for anything. People will have DIGNITY. That is my dream.

You look forward to the Spring. Yes, it will be an exciting time, you’ve always loved Spring. All the new leaves on the trees and the plants coming to life. And so too, will our Foundation. It will blossom and grow. You have seen the GREEN LIGHT, and remember, we are going for GOLD.

When you open the living-room door of an evening, I love the way you look up and smile and say, "Come in, darling, you are very welcome". It never fails to touch me. You are always so conscious of me, it’s very rewarding. I still feel loved and cherished.

You have a lot of travelling to do this week, to meetings, etc. I will guide your decisions. Have no fear, I am always at your side. I know I tell you, over and over, how much you mean to me. I need to do this, I am so grateful to you. My love surrounds you always, forever. Your Monty.