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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 6th January 2008

As we begin 2008, see it as the beginning of a new chapter of our work taking shape. The pieces are all coming together, just as I promised. People you never dreamed of meeting are coming forward, wanting to work with you. They are being guided to look at our website. They realise that, at last, there is a direct link with Spirit, guiding the world through you, my love. Suddenly, the picture is clear to them. They see what you and I are trying to achieve and they want to be part of it. My old colleagues have done their utmost to try to prevent this. They caused you many problems. Good will triumph. Always remember that. You have good people around you now.

This year, you will have to travel. Certainly America, Holland, and there are people in Italy who are becoming interested and will want to meet you, to hear what you have to say. They will support you. They will understand what we are doing. You will talk there. The setting will be beautiful, it will bring back memories for you, of the happy times you and I spent there. I promise you will enjoy being with such honest and open-minded people.

I know you are being asked why I have not materialised yet. As you understand, everything must be in place for it to happen, we cannot interfere with Man’s free will. If the scientists are not filming, there is no point in me materialising. The element of surprise is very important. Fear not, my love; it will happen. Patience is called for.

There will be problems, yet again, in the Middle East. They will start in 2008 and go on into 2009. This has to happen, for justice is the outcome. Israel will have no choice, they will have to give back the land they forcibly took, and have no right to. Again, you will see the mighty fall. Several countries will get involved in this. There is no easy solution; you cannot keep what is not rightfully yours. Sadly, it will take bloodshed to resolve this. Egypt, Syria and others, will seek justice. There is such HATRED between those who were stripped of their land and those who forcibly took it. Justice has to happen.

Swarms of locusts in Africa will cause many problems and spread illnesses, mutating, causing illnesses never previously experienced by Man.

Yes, you should look into scalar energy. Meet and talk, things always happen for a reason. Dr I.K. will come from Egypt to talk about the site. You must all talk together. All those energies are being brought to you, they all have their place. As I told you before, it is like a huge jigsaw and all the pieces are coming together. It seems like a beautiful dream because that is exactly what it is, but IT WILL BECOME A REALITY. It was foretold by many. No one was sure of where in the world it would be.

The things that went wrong in the past were not meant to be, and so, had to be removed. Leave them in the past, we are ready to go forward. We have the ENERGY now, expect the unexpected. I wish you could see what I see.

You are concerned about the criticism you will have to deal with from my old colleagues. Just remember, my love, when, at my cremation, you bravely stood up there in front of everyone, and talked about me, and how you would continue my work to the best of your ability, they did not have the courtesy to wait until you left the crematorium before they said, "Do not be ridiculous, Veronica, you could not possibly do Monty's work." Did they stop for a moment to think how very hurtful it was for you to hear that, as my coffin moved forward for cremation. My darling, I felt the hurt too. They never understood. You were my rock, you encouraged me to go on. Always at my side to help and to protect me, you were so proud of me. You made my life worthwhile, I thank you. You do not need their approval. In the scheme of things now, my dear, they do not matter, they are a spent force.

Look to our future. Our work together is what will be remembered for years to come. We have exciting times ahead of us. We, in Spirit, are grateful for all your hard work on our behalf. We surround you with love and light. Your own, Monty.