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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 4th January 2009

Happy New Year, my darling, on this, our first writing of what is actually 2012. Soon it will be five years since I passed to this different state of existence. You, my dear wife, have devoted every moment of it to me, and the continuation of our work. Our purpose — yours and mine — is to help bring about the changes required in your world. The Old World Order must cease and the New World Order, with justice for all nations, will not be prevented. The corrupt will be exposed throughout the world. The religious divisions that have created so much suffering through wars, for centuries, will be a thing of the past. There is only ONE CREATOR, GOD, or whatever you may wish to call the SUPREME BEING. There is but ONE. He has been given many identities by different groups, all with one purpose in mind — CONTROL of their fellow man. When all is revealed, TRUTH will lead Man back on the right path, once more. Religions will have to accept that THEY GOT IT WRONG, they will not have a choice. The treasure they have accumulated over many years will be disposed of, to feed the poor of the world and to help to bring justice to them.

Veronica, my dear, you are not alone. There are many who are working towards this end. You have seen some of them speak on TV about it, and it excited you to know there are many others who will come together, to add their weight to our project. People are opening their eyes and asking questions, and we, on this side, are prompting these people to open their eyes and to ask questions, and not be lead like sheep, as Man has allowed to happen for far too long. The "Do not rock the boat" mentality has given control to the wrong people. Everything you read in newspapers and see on TV is controlled so cleverly, without creating any suspicion of what is actually going on. You are now beginning the year of change. It will not be easy, but the rewards will be great, when you see the TRUTH being exposed and the dignity of Man restored. Remember, all men are equal in the face of God, who created them. We in the World of Spirit are quite excited. Our plans are great. I am not alone. Each one of you will be asked to do only that which you are capable of doing. As I always tell you, we see the full picture and understand what needs to be done. The world must never ever be allowed to become so corrupt again. Disasters will happen and many will come to Spirit in this way.

There are many who have attacked you, for being you, and for the work that we do. They should remember that one day, they will face the consequences of their actions. Death cannot be avoided, it comes to all, and it is something you have to face alone. Money does not hold sway here. You cannot bring it with you and no man is better than another, just by birth, religion or wealth. On this side of life there really is EQUALITY. We are on different levels, according to what we achieved in our time on Earth. That alone matters. I ask all who read my letters to my dear wife, to take time to think on this message. It was meant for you.

Veronica does not conform to what people expect of her. Well, I spent all of my life being punished, and made to feel an outsider. Not quite "one of us", because I chose another path. In fact, the path I came on Earth to follow. To stand up for one’s beliefs, takes courage, and we, in Spirit, are so proud of Veronica. She undertook to complete our work. Her love and devotion to me, her husband, should stand out as a shining example to all. Love is a very powerful energy. I am always with her. I constantly show her this. We, in Spirit, can be in many places at the same time; hence, we do not miss anything, we see all.

To those who support our work, I greet you and I thank you. I promise, when you join us in Spirit, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Support each other, as together you will achieve much. There are so many in your world who, as yet, do not know about each other. Imagine when you all come together, the energy that will create, to bring about the changes that are required. Interesting times ahead, my dear.

My love is forever with you. Try to take time for you this week. Know that the World of Spirit is with you 100%. I am, and always will be, your loving husband, Monty.