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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 3rd January 2007

2007, at last. I know, my love, you feel you've waited so long for this. I wish you a very happy new year and every success in all our endeavours. We, on this side, are ready. It’s just a matter of putting everyone in position and off we go. Look to February for the obvious changes. It will become very heavy for you then. It is such a big burden to place on your shoulders. But know this with certainty, that we are with you every step of the way. Our work will be recognised and the information will be used wisely. We, in spirit, have given it a lot of thought, we know you can do it.

You did enjoy the lunch party at J.S.’s house. There were some very nice people there and it was good to see you enjoy the company. I know all they wanted to talk about was me and our work. You will hear from one or two of them again. It was nice for you to be with like-minded people. J.S. is a very special person, you were aware of that on your first meeting. You will work together. She will be a great support to you and she will enjoy it.

Do try to arrange to see Anthony. We need to get our plans in motion, there is work to be done. You know me, darling, I could never rest. I needed to get on with things at any cost, and my health paid the price. It would be good if you and Robert could meet the people who are willing to finance all this. As they were chosen by Anthony, you know you can trust them. Robert needs to clear time to deal with this in a proper, businesslike fashion. He will have to cut down on his workload, he is not getting the support he deserves. He cannot please everyone all the time, though he tries to. He needs support, as do you, my dear.

There is so much unrest in your world and no one willing to call a stop to all the unnecessary killings, etc. The idea that you can solve problems by war is so out-dated. People should know better, just look at history. Bully-boy tactics must stop. Politicians should try to deal with problems in a more civilised manner, it is the only way. Look at the consequences of war. No one ever really wins, and it causes so much misery to so many, except the politicians, who started it all in the first place.

Our work with global warming will, for the first time in the history of the world, bring ALL COUNTRIES together, to work together to preserve humanity. We need more projects to bring everyone together. Every country will benefit from this. There will be NO COMPETITION tolerated. This is a world project and must be seen as such. Anthony understands this and has all the connections necessary to achieve it. I have every faith in him, he will do it.

We continue to work with energy. That young man, yesterday, understands how energy works. So few people understand it. I certainly did not, when alive. Now, I never cease to be amazed by it, and what can be achieved with energy. We will try to bring this information to you. Though you are not a scientist, I know you record it all for those who can. Drugs should be avoided as much as possible. Look to natural ways, they do not have those terrible side effects that drugs do. Chemicals are never the answer. I know, until I met you, I just took what the doctor prescribed for me without question. I see so many more, do exactly the same. We were conditioned to obey the doctor, not realizing the NHS is controlled by the drug companies, and all they want is to sell drugs — it all boils down to greed — it is not in their interests to cure anyone. They would be out of business. We will set out to enlighten people on this subject soon.

My dear, you are not as stressed as you have been recently. You did manage to rest a little. It’s so much easier to work with you when you relax. We are aware of everything — NOTHING HAPPENS IN YOUR WORLD WITHOUT US KNOWING ABOUT IT. People think they get away with things. Well, they will have a shock when they come over! I will have a few things to say to certain people when they arrive in the World of Spirit. They will have to face up to what they have done or failed to do. They abused my trust and betrayed me, they will answer for it.

Thank you, my dear, for loving me and trusting me enough to marry me. I know that was not easy for you. We, in the Network, are so indebted to you for all the work you do on our behalf. You will get your reward on Earth, as well as in Spirit.

Take care, my love. You have become more aware of the love that surrounds you. You are never alone. There are so many of us watching over you. Until we write next week, my love goes with you. Your Monty.