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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th January 2008

We send greetings, my love. We thank you for your devotion to our work as we prepare to come forward, to show your world the error of its ways, to guide Man to come together in love and harmony. To respect all God's creatures, though you have been conditioned to see some as right, and some, decidedly wrong and to be feared. All this will come to an end, you are all God's creatures. Enlightenment will open minds to what is wrong in your world. I do not say it will be easy, I say it has to happen. Our Foundation will inspire those who are looking for truth and guidance. It will show what is possible when FEAR is removed from the equation. We are all God’s creatures, living and dead.

You received guidance to do with the CO2 project. Everyone should consider everything carefully and honestly. Do not dismiss lightly that which was proposed, it is the best answer available. We, on our side of life, have opened many doors to help bring this to the public demesne. Always remember, every country in the world will benefit. Our guidance is available to all concerned. Just ask and you will receive it.

What an exciting surprise you had on Monday morning, reading that our building was forecast by many, throughout history. Yes, my darling, this is the "New Jerusalem." Yes, this project is HUGE. I did not want to alarm you, I needed to lead you gently in, one step at a time. When you bring all these people from around the world together, you will be inspired to choose the right location. I cannot stress enough, the importance of these meetings. Everyone involved should make themselves available. I know, darling, all this sacred geometry is new to you, but it is important that you understand the importance of it. You will have the greatest experts in this field, all together in London soon enough, to talk and to go out on location to various sites. Yes, love, it's all very exciting from this side of life also, we are watching and guiding every step of the way. Remember I told you that you would see big changes this year. This is one of the biggest changes your world will ever experience. Man lost his way many years ago. GREED took over. SELFISHNESS triumphed. Now, you only have to look around you to see the result. We will set out to remove the fear and mistrust instilled by man to allow him to control his fellow man. Religion must answer for much of what is wrong in your world. We really appreciate all the work you and your colleagues have put into bringing all this about. It will be appreciated by generations to come, long after you have joined us.

You are exhausted, my love, I need you to relax. Take time to rest, you push yourself constantly so as not to disappoint me. Trust me, love, we will achieve so much more with a relaxed Veronica, full of energy and ready for action, as in the past. Your health needs attention. Robert will advise. Forward we go in love and harmony to help our fellow man. Your Monty.