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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 25th January 2009

Do not despair, my darling, everything is happening at the pace it is meant to happen. You are a facilitator, you help people to understand life, the afterlife and who they really are. Look around you, so much is opening up, information is flowing, allowing understanding. People are asking the right questions. Out of this comes what is meant to come, and what cannot be prevented. It has been ordained. It's like there is a megaphone in the sky, bringing truth and understanding. Ask all those who read my message to be aware of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius on the 14th February. Please make the information available to all who seek truth and light. This will SHIFT THE OLD ENERGY COMPLETELY, so that suddenly, people will see a straight path ahead. This will bring great improvement in their lives.

Truth is being exposed even as we write. I have warned over and over again, that truth will be exposed, there is no hiding place. The Vatican (Reuters Sun. Jan 25, 12.32.49 UCT 2009) has taken a stand for TRUTH and will have the courage to expose the corruption it turned a blind eye to, for far too long. The evidence is there and will be available to all who seek the truth. No one person or organisation is exempt from facing the truth. The time has come for honesty to prevail. The world as you know it, must cease. It has failed in every possible way. It brought misery, suffering and starvation to so many innocent people. We will know we have succeeded when THE POWER OF LOVE REPLACES THE LOVE OF POWER.

I promised that you would see some big changes this year. Look at what is already happening. Be prepared for much more. We have many surprises in store. They will come from many different directions. See this year, as the year when truth is honoured and recognised. The seekers of truth among you will rejoice.

Our plans are great. We will succeed. Know that you will leave the world a far better place, with justice available to all, not just those who can afford it. Money will no longer buy respectability. People will be judged on how they live their lives, how they interact with their fellow man. Money will cease to be the be-all and end-all of life. It cannot buy you happiness. All the money in the world could not have bought the happiness that you and I shared. People will return to real values.

We are in countdown for the biggest shift in consciousness your world has ever experienced. This is why I had to go when I did, as I am one of those bringing this about. People ask, who is this fellow. Montague Keen was a name I acquired at birth, and rather liked; but you, my dear, know who I really am. I chose to return to Earth, and to live an ordinary life, with all its trials and tribulations, but at the same time, preparing the way for enlightenment for all, and the exposure of corruption. Even as I left the Earth, I was speaking about facing the truth, and was endeavouring to open the minds of those who were listening to my words. TO MY LAST BREATH, I tried to open hearts and minds. Now, I continue to do this, through you, my love. May my letters to you, bring confirmation of an afterlife and the knowledge that death is not the end.

Now, darling, do please give the information on THE AQUARIAN ALIGNMENT OF 14TH FEBRUARY 2009. Our people will link together on that day. Their combined energy will be A FORCE FOR GOOD in your world. We have much work to do, you and I. We are bound together in love. I am your very proud husband, Monty.