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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th January 2007

Greetings, my love. Hold this thought — we have breakthrough. Not that we are breaking through, but we have breakthrough. Whichever way you go, you are being driven. It's about health as well, and with the latest discoveries, new things can be done. There are ways that Spirit can help, as they help Robert. Things are moving at a faster pace than ever I expected. But you, my dear, do not have to go at that speed. We have enough good people now, so consequently, the trust factor is coming back. Look at the people who have offered to help you with the project.

Joanne — when you are talking to her, it's like male-female; she has a male mind. And look at Anthony’s connection to her. Now that door is opening up. So therefore, appreciate that there is a timing to everything from the HIGHER SELF perspective. Not from our personality mind level, which has to do with ego, the swing to one extreme must always go to the other extreme to BALANCE.

We are lifting everything as best we can, above that. So my motto from this day forward is, "WE HAVE BROKEN THROUGH". Therefore, as far as you are concerned, we are already present.

Darling, your heart, even organs, have the ability to renew themselves with a little assistance. Remember, you have an iron-clad constitution; therefore you are a very determined person. Do not put a block on anything. What I discovered here, is when you fix on something, and it's a NO, what you do not realise is, unfortunately the subconscious mind does not know right from wrong, real from imaginary. So therefore, it can be NO in other areas of your life also. So let’s get rid of that word, NO. We can do more when we say, YES. Robert’s treatment has been very helpful. By saying, YES, you are saying YES to LIFE'S ENERGY. So more of that please. Then we can get that machine pumping better.

What Robert is going through now is envy — he has the courage and the knowledge to do what they just dream of doing. He has knowledge, way beyond his time. The other doctors have not got there yet. So, in their books, he goes out on a limb; but a limb they see as not as scientific as they would like, because they are not quite there yet. But amazingly, they have discovered things in space, that technology can be used to scan the physical body in a way that could never happen before, so they can understand the ENERGY which Robert is using. Some of the scientists already know. It's just not been spoken about, as yet, in public. Robert is a man who can ride two horses, so even if they block one side, he can come back and carry on, regardless, and appear to have the slapped wrist accordingly. So it's not a problem, he is protected by Spirit. Every pioneer in history has had a hard time. But I promise you, he will triumph in the end, and all will come to accept and learn from him.

There are two women in America that are very important regarding peace in your world. Hillary Clinton — she will be a major powerhouse of change; and the other lady is Nancy Pelosi, that Spirit is looking at — a woman to be reckoned with. She is the power behind the throne. So they are going to do whatever is needed, because they will go and sit down with other women, elsewhere in the world, in order to make peace. If the men won’t, they will. So this is what is happening. It's the women that are moving forward towards peace, and we are behind them every step of the way.

The emails you get from around the world about February — ask yourself, why would you get so many messages, so diverse. This is lift-off time, and this is what they are telling you. Just accept that we have broken through. On other continents you will discover that other people are breaking through also. That’s what these messages represent, because I, my dear, am one of many groups. But our energies are co-joined, so we are linked up and they are letting you know at an Earth level. It's also to do with planetary change which is coming up. So consequently, it's the right balance, the right energy, synchronicity, and things happen.

You and Anthony should go to Holland. It's urgent, because of the environmental issues at the moment, and the pollution and what this little machine will do. It will be available to every country because of the way it will be set up. It is for ALL. It can be developed even further. So further investment will be brought in. The Japanese — when they see it, they can add something else to it, that had not been previously thought of. So stay open to that, as well. But there will be enough funding for everything. Let it roll through, it's already been taken care of.

I came into our bedroom on Tuesday night. Forgive me for waking you, but I saw the letter you received from the R.P.A. and I needed you to know that the people who have acted dishonestly, to do with my will, are to be dealt with publicly. This is going to happen through the law of cause and effect. I need you to understand, there is cause and effect on every level, so you do not "get away with anything". The law of the universe is dealing with this, and there is nothing above that. So universal law has a habit of catching up with people unawares. I just wanted to reassure you.

Our Foundation will take-off and we will have decent people on board. Furthermore, it will be in the right area, in the right place and everything as it should be. Leave everything open now and you will find that everything will run a lot more smoothly, and it will fit into position a lot faster than we are expecting. You must not force something to work in a certain way which is logical, when we are already WORKING BEYOND LOGIC. When you see it in operation, it's in total synchronicity, and perfectly logical and very rational.

We like your enthusiasm, which opens up creative energy on a firmament basis, and it helps to manifest things. But other people are being brought in, to put in the different factors. They are already coming in, as we speak. People are ringing you, saying they would like to help. Mark — accept his help. His understanding is good and he has got integrity, which matters. So therefore, the people who are coming on board will have integrity.

The core of our Foundation is already there. The legal people will back it, and so make sure when we go to different nations, we have full permission in writing. Nothing must be left to chance. Your excitement, my love, is giving you a wonderful example of life energy. What we are doing, in a way, is creating Divine Magic in the world. Our Foundation will also be internet-based, so people have genuine access to it, and on our website will be whatever information that particular region requires. When you see the whole thing in operation, you will understand that’s why it has taken so long. We had to motivate people, to put their energies into this, and to use other existing organisations for their help and back-up.

The door is open, the world is our oyster, so it's all arranged. The information will come in from specialists in the environmental fields. The field of agriculture will bring its own information and talents. We will have I.T. people there, to set up things as they need to be. Also with race, colour and creed, we have to be extra careful, so therefore there will be people who understand all of that.

The educational system will be up and running, so we will have people going out to teach, and the people will take responsibility for themselves, backed up by any information they require from the website and constant back-up. So if one group needs a tractor, they get on the internet and we will see who has a spare one, and they get the tractor.

It's like a world community. In essence, the whole programme is community based. We do not want politicians jumping on this bandwagon. That’s why it's important to have the right people in place. We will allow them to use our organisation to get their message across. We look also to the younger generation getting involved on a voluntary basis. It's like East meets West, and they will understand each other. Now you see why we describe it as a mini UN. They will get involved. They already have the outlets and administration, so we can come in and provide equipment, etc. Soon, people of note — very, very independent — not afraid to speak up — will contact you.

I know your interest in Natural Medicine is heartfelt. People are voting with their feet, they want more natural medicine. I know you were right. Remember, experts are only as good as their own expert opinion. We must be aware of the side effects of certain medication.

You will find a medical scientist will get involved. He is a very powerful academic: about 50 years old, greyish hair, involved in research — positive research. I am not prepared to tell you who he is, as yet. He has already proven himself. He has invented quite a few things already. He will come in at the appropriate time. I would have loved to have known him. A true gentleman. We would have got on extremely well.

What you need to understand is, there are mathematicians, and there are people who believe they are mathematicians on a scientific basis — and they are really not. They will be confronted on what has been taking place, and it will fall on deaf ears. So any arguments they come up with, from that perspective, will just be basically annihilated. The force of good is getting so strong now, because of the desperate need to save the planet. So, naturally, we would be silly not to get on that energy bandwagon. That’s exactly what we have done, and we have breakthrough.

Look at the different films coming out now. More and more about spiritual things. There is more to come. Within a short period of time we will have a more balanced Press. They have suddenly realised that maybe, after all these years, they have been promoting the type of things they would never dream of doing in the first place. It's like discovering in the USA, that the violence in those videos really does have an effect on children, and they are reacting accordingly. That’s just an example. So therefore, the media is calming down.

Our Foundation will be listened to. But overall, it's a strategy that has been planned. You will see things taking shape from the woman’s point of view. The men will be there, and the women will be there — an equal amount of both — that’s important. People will donate for their own benefit, for their children and family also. East and West will sit across the table, that is also bringing peace. It has different levels, so when people get the full picture they will back it. We must look at the needs of other lands and what we are doing in the West — polluting it. That has to be stopped, in order for them to get a life. So whether it's an academic statement or otherwise is immaterial, because we have the relative truth. They will be forced to see the truth in a way they can accept.

You are in a changing world with a changing society, and if you look at the pollution being created with all the new technology, that also has to be dealt with along the way. Not just the sun and the ozone layer.

It's also the electric — it’s going out, and what it is doing outside the world as you know it. But soon they will have photographs that the scientists understand. It's like strands within strands. But the strands are not as they should be. If they start thinking in a more lateral way, we better send something up to take a look. So another periscope and then they get the real information. Then they come up with a plan and it starts to get sorted. So at every level, people are working from the other side of life, to actually help the scientists.

Please Monty tell me who is in the Network?

That must remain secret. It’s not just me, darling, the consensus is NO.

Have they lived on Earth?

Some have, yes. You will be in for a surprise. Some lived many moons ago. Others, more recently, and others that go way back in terms of their energy. All you need to know is, we are here already. So by accepting the idea, daily, you help it.

I have made you work hard today. I, too, am on a high! I promise to make it easier in future. It's so much to take in. Everyone here wishes to thank you for all you are putting into our work. I promise you, when you join us in Spirit, and see the results of your work from our perspective, then you will fully realise how important it was for your world.

My love, you saw me on Tuesday, and Friday night, and we talked. We will be able to do that more and more. You see, we are still together. Not even death could separate you and I. Rest in that wonderful massage chair which Maeve got for you. It’s just perfect. I thank her for giving it to you.

My love surrounds you. You feel it more and more. I am beside you. Your own, Monty.