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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18th February 2007

You have not had an easy week, my love. This of course was brought on by the shock of my death and the abuse you suffered at the hands of my family and my colleagues. I did not foresee this at all, otherwise I would have protected you from it. In hurting you, my love, they hurt me also, and our project. It will be explained to them in time.

Now look to Robert and Dr Coghlan to help put it right, and we, on the Spirit side, will do our best also. Please thank Robert’s friends in Holland for sending healing to you, also. Your work is so important to your world that we need to keep you well. Soon you will have to speak out at various forums. We need to go public. The timing is right, the world is ready for it, and I am happy to say, will welcome it, on the whole. There will always be people who will not accept the truth. It does not suit them; for them it will take a little longer. I have said, many times, by the end of this year the thinking in your world will have changed completely. We will see to that. The dishonest will be dealt with, the honest people will go forward and create the change your world so desperately needs. Trust me love, it will happen.

You have had many calls from people who have been told in séances, etc., that a manifestation will occur soon; this is confirmation for you my love. We want you to be ready to deal with the fallout from it. You will get help from the good people around you now. We have got rid of the dishonest elements, they cannot even contact you. Spirit sees to that, it is part of your protection. We need to protect you, as we expect so much of you — the only person in my life I trusted 100%. If only we had spent our whole lives together. Now we look to eternity together. You work tirelessly for me now, as when we were together on the Earth plane.

Now you have been shown one of the Network and it certainly surprised you. You now know the calibre of the people you are dealing with. You are being shown more and more. There is a lot of activity around you and our house, certain happenings just to engage your attention. I have a gift for you, and am endeavouring to get it to you. Wait and see! There are a lot of changes happening around you, some you are not aware of yet. We share your excitement. Timing, as you know, is all important. The right people throughout the world are being brought forward, ready to rescue the world from the shambles it has become. It has got to change.

I am so glad you took my advice and got new glasses for when you use the computer. You were straining your eyes and we could not have that, they are most precious and should be treated with respect.

Now, darling, communication will come in from other mediums who say they communicate with me. Sad to say, there is double dealing going on. IT IS NOT ME. I have, on many occasions, tried to correct this. These people want to get involved in our work by hook or by crook. They are desperately trying to connect with the energy. We will sort it out. You alone cannot deal with it. It’s all part of the dishonesty in this field.

At last, people are beginning to ask questions on the Testing Mediums site. Eyes are beginning to open, they are not so easily hoodwinked now. We are shining a light on it and, as promised, the TRUTH will come out. For too long the dishonest triumphed. Their days are over. Truth and honesty will prevail.

Go forward with what you discussed with Robert. Get Anthony’s opinion. You will like and get on with R.B., he will support you in your work. He will appreciate our objectives and want to be part of it all. I told you the right people are coming forward. We will not allow the others to get to you.

Our work, darling — yours and mine — will have repercussions throughout the world. I know it's a lot for you to accept right now, but the timing is right, and we in the Network are excited, as you are. Though we do not have to face the public, we will support you in this. I know you will do us justice. Your love for me will see you through, it is what has kept you going against all odds. No matter what they threw at you, your belief in me never wavered. I know I say it over and over, I am so proud of you.

Try to rest this week. I know you have meetings. Give yourself time to enjoy them. We have set them up for you, they are good people being brought by Spirit to be part of our projects. It would be good for you to see Robert, also, he will help you a lot and we both trust him implicitly. J.S. will cheer you up, there is a good connection there.

We are looking after you, my love, you will experience more and more this week. Expect surprises, we can only show you so much at a time, as it would be too much for you to cope with. We will lead you in. I am with you at all times, never out of your thoughts. Until next Sunday, always your Monty.

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