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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th February 2008

Veronica, my dear, I thank you for putting so much effort into clearing out the old papers, etc. from what was my old study. I watched as you read copies of letters I wrote, shortly after you and I got together. Yes, darling, I always saw you as very psychic. That is why my work excited you, and we enjoyed discussing it. That meant so much to me, to be able to be completely open to one who appreciated and understood all that I did. You guided me more often than you ever imagined. I always listened to you. You must now see the study as the MKF study, until our building is available. Then I would like all our work to be presented so that it is available to those who wish to seek the truth. It is hard for you to read through my papers, as you still see them as mine. You always respected my privacy. They are yours, now, and must be handed on to our Foundation.

Peter is right, we are twin souls. We were as one, and we are still as one. It is just for now, we are in different places. Our link is great. People have difficulty trying to understand it. We were brought together for a reason. I was a very closed human being. There was no love in my childhood, and even that ended when I was only 16 years old. So I never learned to relate to others until I met you. Your childhood was similar to mine. Your father wanted a son. Your mother had serious heart problems and so you, too, became self sufficient and contained. We never allowed anyone to penetrate this barrier. Because we understood this in each other, we trusted enough to open ourselves, and suddenly, our lives were filled with love, such as we had never known. We actually fell in love. We lived for each other, and still do. That love continues to surround us. We still want to please each other. This is what others find hard to understand. Give them time, all will be revealed in time.

You and Robert have done much, this week, to prepare to bring the CO2 project to the world. Governments are wasting time and effort on useless projects. They just want to be seen to be doing something. A lot of effort must go into this. The right people must be at the launch. Only those who will understand fully how it works, and so, will become our spokespeople around the world. The planet desperately needs this, it is the answer. You, darling, are good at bringing the right people together. We are guiding you and Robert on this. It will succeed.

You are right, love, people make the mistake of seeing me as I was, not AS I AM NOW. That is a big mistake. The MKF will last for decades. You, as my wife, are my link from the world of Spirit. Together, we will succeed in bringing about great changes. So many of my "so-called friends" and family, have tried to do so much to destroy and ridicule our work. They have a lot to answer for. DEATH IS NOT A THING OF CHOICE — it comes to all, and they will answer for their actions — think on that — you have caused problems. Remember, darling, we had thought all we would do, is exchange knowledge. That is what we had discussed when I was on Earth. I now find I can transfer information, and actually show you what is what. We do not need mediums. Trust what I show you, you do not need to have it verified.

Regarding my will, how can I ever apologise enough to you. J.D. was working on my emotions regarding this. There was trickery involved, they put pressure on me. The fraud must be exposed. We will endeavour to do this.

There are also those out there, who think, just because "MONTY IS DEAD", they can pretend I was involved with them. My name is being used and abused. They think they can say what they like. I am supposed to have done "scientific research" and statements are attributed to me that are not correct. I ask them, please desist from such practices. We have ways of dealing with such dishonesty.

This is our year, forward we go. We each know what needs to be done. We, in Spirit, thank you for the effort you put into our work. Again, I ask, please try to rest this week. We were, and will always be, a good team, you and I.

Please thank all those on board. Enjoy your week. I am always at your side. My love surrounds you. Your Monty.