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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 11th February 2007

Greetings, my love. You have had many exciting experiences, all unexpected, but all proving just how close we are. I ask you not to divulge the details unless we give you explicit instructions to do so. There are people working as part of the scheme itself on every level, using their experience from the Earth, as well as their understanding of the True Philosophy of Life in terms of it being Mind over Body.

Anthony, because of his experiences as a believer in a REASONED WAY. That, my dear, is especially important. He is indeed a good and honest man. Like you, he must stay open to everything.

Look to the healing angels to be with you for your procedure this week. Yes, of course I will be with you in bed the night before. How could I refuse! Remember, Dr Coghlan is good. You could not find a better man if you tried, and he has a very sensitive touch and a very good sense of humour. I am happy with him, and do not forget, I will be there as well as your sister.

Remember, we are in control, and be certain everything is working out as planned. There are so many other people involved, from an Earth perspective, so they have to be in the right place to kick off. Sometimes, because the Earth time is different, things get a little difficult. But rest assured, it’s on track, the wheels are rolling. Everybody is being used, that’s the way Spirit works. There are millions of people on Earth who are willing to be used on a higher level. There are scientists in the USA who are already working on this, too, so they will have their own input, and consequently, they can always speak out and say they, too, have evidence. So do not worry about detractors and do not take anything they come up with personally. We, in Spirit, are not worried. They are just displaying their ignorance and lack of understanding of what is taking place. You have your bodyguards in Spirit. Attacks come only from people who do not understand what they are dealing with. So do not give it anymore of your time, you have other things to concentrate on.

As to my will, it is time for the truth to come out. Justice will be done. Your lawyers were chosen by Spirit and will succeed.

Take J.S.‘s advice. Trust her judgement and be guided by her. This is her field. She is a very sensible woman.

What a wonderful gathering at the H.O.L. on Monday, to celebrate my birthday. How kind of Anthony to supply the champagne. I did have some! You, my dear, have the right people around you now for us to go forward and achieve all we have set out to achieve. I helped you to blow out the candles on my cake. It was lovely and I thank you for still giving me a lovely birthday, though I am in Spirit. I am very proud of you, that’s why our love goes on forever. You see, we are building up in a very relaxed but positive way. Concrete steps in parallel with others. We are doing a multitude of things at the same time. You do not need to rush. You are now beginning to enjoy the experience and that’s good, and there will be genuine friendships through this.

Darling, I do appreciate and understand completely why you get so excited, because you totally believed in me and you see yourself as instrumental in the world accepting what I believed. You, my dear, believed right from the beginning. There are people in the scientific world who also know who I really was on a professional basis, because they have seen through my work, read through what I had to say, and read between the lines. So they, too, will be coming out of the woodwork. You, love, are not on a crusade on your own, that would be too much of a burden on anyone’s shoulders. You add to the energy because you are open. You are your own judge and jury, there is no one judging you on the Spirit side. You are seeing and looking at everything, so you must never be negative. You must enjoy the experience. It is all about JOY. The last three years were dreadful for you. Now you and the people you were with on Monday, have the power and the energy to drive this forward. The lateral thinkers are already getting involved on a daily basis and meeting with people connected with Spirit, but they do not publicise it. This fear is moving away and they are coming out more and more. Dawkins, who is a great atheist, is finding his followers are turning away from him. Who would have believed that would have happened.

Remember, they are all playing roles as Shakespeare stated. We are all characters, actors on the stage of life. So they are all just playing a role. So there are goodies and baddies.

John Mack asks to put on the website what you said at his cremation. H was also a sensible man and kept his feet on the ground. He is also helping this project. So you can imagine the team I have behind me. How could we fail?

You spoke with R.S. He is a very sensible man but has to be careful. He could allow himself to be a lot more intuitive. He has got a good brain, dealing with things is not a problem to him. He is good at talking back to people when he needs to. The S.P.R. may lose the Tate money. It’s a distinct possibility. Remember what comes around, goes around, in terms of the law of cause and effect. In your world, you really do not get away with anything. The Universal Laws, Divine Laws, deal with it. Basically, it is the life force that we breathe with. It’s not personal, it’s energy.

All religions are the same, they are all just paths back to the Source. So therefore, we all blend in ultimately to energy. So the Godforce is INFINITE ENERGY and because certain people cannot grasp that, there is no point in trying to bring it home to them. It will come in time.

Robert — he is having a bad time and he is not the only person. It is because other people did not think about it first. It’s more the envy and jealousy, and on another level, it is absolute IGNORANCE. But it will be shown up in time. Soon there will be technical equipment that actually proves what is really happening. Then the critics will be silenced. He will have a major breakthrough. The BBC feels that the eminent people should be doing all this. That really is what is being questioned. Who gave Robert the right to do this? The families pleaded with Robert for his help. The N.H.S. failed them, as it fails so many, as it is drug driven. The BBC are going at it from a negative angle. They see half a glass of water as always, half empty until proven otherwise. Robert’s work will show that he has an insight, an understanding of the human body very few people have. That will be accepted in time.

Darling, what we do privately, please keep private. In order to connect, I come through the brain instead of coming through the mind. So please make allowances. Anything that’s too personal, do not put it out. Be sensible. 3pm on Sundays is our allotted time. Allow yourself to edit things. There will be more and more hits on our website. You were amazed that so many people throughout the world, study it. It will become more powerful, a place for discussion and others will come in, adding their own experiences. That’s what we are trying to achieve, a public discussion forum where people can become involved. They, too, will become involved in this energy.

Darling, nothing will stop us. We have already broken through, and in areas of the United States, there are scientists who are in contact, and they are not allowed to say anything, either. So different intelligence's around the world are working in a similar way to you. So we are all teaming up to work together, like teams of energy, and we learn from each other how to fine tune things. Rest assured, nothing ever comes to just one person. It always goes to other people at the same time. It is to do with sharing, because we are all part of the whole. We are only segments here on Earth. It’s all about sharing and caring for one and other.

We told you S. would lose his support. So he is coming to London without any support whatsoever. The more titles he gives himself, the more he will be under investigation. The law is the law, and the law of the universe never ever fails.

Darling, as far as I am concerned, we are progressing at a greater and greater speed, all the time. So relax, everything is in order. It is in Divine Order, and when things are in Divine Order, it’s all organised. So therefore, trust that and accept my love and take it with you, and know it is with you, every moment of every day. We are, and always will be, a good team. I will never ever leave you. I am your Monty.