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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th February 2008

Greetings, my love, on this lovely Spring-like day. Thank you for putting up a brief report of our séance last week This needed to be done. Please thank Mark on my behalf. It is necessary for people to understand how we intend to proceed. We will try many different avenues of communication. Just be prepared to be surprised, we have only just begun! We cannot allow anyone's ego to take over, otherwise Spirit will remove them completely, as has been done in the past. You, my darling, are the only one I need to be present. The others should see themselves as in supporting roles. You do not need anyone to bring me forth. I am always with you, I never, ever leave you, I constantly show you this, do not allow others to say otherwise. What is going on is too important to allow any misconceptions to arise. Yes, I am aware it had a profound effect on Mark to be able to converse with me. He will be more relaxed and confident next time. I know, my darling, just how much all this means to you. Do you not remember, I have said on many occasions, you are now my Voice on Earth. We are as one.

You are looking forward to Peter Welsford's visit, this week. He has become conscious of me guiding him also. I have a good link with him, he and I are two of a kind. It would have been so good to have had him as a friend when I was on Earth. We will make up for that one day! He has put his heart into finding a suitable site for our building. There are many on this side of life, excited at the prospect of a portal, so that the world of Spirit will no longer be a matter of dispute. The change that this will create, will change the thinking in the world forevermore. It will make HISTORY. Because you know this, my love, you work tirelessly to bring it about. This year it will take shape and in two years, you will be able to open the doors to all who wish to enter. Spirit are determined all this will happen.

The CO2 project is ready to be revealed. You are guided as to who should be present at the launch, and you will not find a gathering of such prestigious people anywhere. Every one of them specially chosen to take this to the world. The date must be settled so the invitations can be sent. This year is the year to bring everything out into the open. The world is more than ready for change.

You will see Gerry Coghlan, this week. Tell him, I have not given up on him yet. He, like so many others, is not capable of thinking outside the box. Just tell him — wait and see. Ask him to look after you for me. We need you, as the work that you do is of great importance to your world.

We, in Spirit, have great plans and are eager to get on with everything. Unfortunately, we need the right people to be in place on Earth, as and when we need them, and as they have free will, it is difficult to control. The dishonest are losing their public voice, they are fading into obscurity. As we become more and more successful, they become more and more frightened. Trust me, they will be exposed, they will lose all credibility. All those who have abused my wife will be exposed by me to the world. You have my word on this.

Please thank all those who have stood by you and supported you in this very difficult journey. I am very grateful to them. I will remember to thank them, I promise.

Yes, I remember it is Valentine's day on the 14th. We loved to celebrate that day together. We never failed to be aware of how lucky we were to have found each other. We now know we were brought together to create the link between the world of Spirit and Earth. They underestimated you, my darling, did they not?

You have a busy week ahead of you, do try to take time for yourself also. Everything is going according to plan. Just relax and allow things to unfold.

Please thank Maeve for that magnificent present. I had a hand in that! I knew it would give you a boost. Relax, we are on track. Look after yourself, expect the unexpected! I am, and always will be, your Special Valentine. Your Monty.