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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 4th February 2007

My dear, the time approaches when we can show the world, without a shadow of a doubt, just what we in Spirit can do when we combine our energies and our desire to help mankind. My only problem is the repercussions on you, my love. Everyone will demand your attention. Though there are those who will not want to accept the truth, as you found out shortly after I passed over. How you were not even allowed to correct a mistake Tom made, as to the name of a medium, and by not allowing you to correct it, the mistake stood, and they consider themselves honourable men. It has been such a hard lesson for you, at a time when you were suffering my loss — still in shock — at a time when you should have been given consideration, and time to come to terms with our new relationship. I know you still hurt deeply. You feel you should have been more careful. How were you to know that those people were so corrupt and dishonest? It was such a hard time for you in all respects.

At last, people are accepting responsibility for the world they inhabit. Man has been so careless and selfish, never considering how their actions affected the world in general. We are inspiring people to bring information out into the open, so it can be understood, and the right decisions made. People still say global warming is not our problem. Well, unless man is prepared to change his ways, parts of the world will just disappear and be lost to man altogether. If everyone made even small changes, it would be a start. Governments will then be encouraged to act responsibly. It can be done, it just takes the desire to do so.

I know you were thinking how rigid some people are, and how they try to prevent everything that is a challenge to their beliefs. You were remembering how the S.P.R. tried to prevent the Scole Report, and when I was in hospital having my heart bypass, the letters that were sent around. They never expected me to find out and get copies. And the lecture in Australia, by one of our members, who said, "Nothing was done that a good conjurer could not do". Just remember, my dear, it's those very same people who will come after you now. A. G. opposed everything I did and fought vehemently against whatever I did. The pain it caused us both then. You were there to share it with me, and to encourage me to go on, and not allow it to get to me. So you see, I never had an easy ride either. I am here for you now.

My birthday still means so much to you. Your celebration tomorrow with all our people means a great deal to me, too. You know I always loved going to the H. O. L., it's so full of Spirit, and tomorrow, I will be there, listening and joining in through you. I inspire you and can even take over at times. You have all the right people there, everyone of them honest and honourable people, who wish to make a difference in your world. Relax, my love, knowing I am right next to you and having a glass of wine or two, and, of course, my cake. I still feel so loved and appreciated. I had never had that in my life. It means so much to me now.

We really have succeeded with some of the scientists, and they are speaking out and offering solutions. Some, of course, have made a lot of money taking a different line, so cannot loose face, irrespective of the damage their views could create. There are some, even now, imminent scientists, who insist, "No God, when you die, you die". We have a few surprises for them, as they continue to get rich on their misguided views. Their books still misleading the vulnerable. How sad.

You must support Robert now. People who stand up for what they know to be true, have always had a hard time. It's all money. They are making money and so do not want anything to change that, and so attack anyone who disagrees with them. Their time is coming to an end. Truth will always triumph in the end.

You are not looking forward to the procedure Dr. Coghlan will carry out soon. I promise you, you will sail through it. We, in Spirit, will see to it. Darling, it needs to be done. I am sorry to say, it was caused by the stress caused to you by my "so-called colleagues" and family, after I passed. How I wish things could have been different. I, too, was not prepared for it. I ask myself, how could I have been so blind to it. Trust me, darling, everyone, when they come to Spirit, is shocked and upset when they see the dishonesty that surrounded them when on Earth.

I know you are feeling better. That absolutely wonderful massage chair Maeve got for you has helped you a great deal and will continue to do so. Please say a big thank you from me. Even though I am in Spirit, she still gives me presents. That lovely chair for my study, just because I said I did not like people sitting in my old chair! You are blessed with your children, and your grandchildren.

I am not dealing with world matters this week. You need to relax and be ready for Dr Coghlan. Stress free, as much as possible.

You have been remembering, this week, how we got to know each other, and how our love just awakened so much in us. The moment when we realised we loved each other — I saw you re-living it — it was quite wonderful. Pure and innocent, and unexpected, and that is how it will be, when you join me in Spirit.

You need to keep calm. Just forgive and feel sorry for those who attack. Do not give it energy. You have much more important work to do and cannot allow anything to deter you, as you follow your life's path, which was ordained for you long before you met me. Keep that in mind and you will be alright.

Take time for yourself, enjoy my birthday gathering, and have a more private one on the 7th. We are working hard to bring all this to fruition, and we will succeed.

Raise a glass to us, tomorrow, and our Foundation, and know you are among real friends. My love surrounds you and all you do. Your loving husband, Monty.