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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 3rd February 2008

I am very much aware of how sad it is for you to cope with my birthday without me. Darling, you made every day special for me, not just birthdays. Now, we have many surprises for you. The evidence is mounting, day by day. We are achieving so much. The plans you discussed with Robert are the best possible, considering all the obstacles in the way. The world is crying out for this. Planet Earth is in a bad way and in time, will not survive. We, in Spirit, are driving this forward through you, my love. The problems caused by CO2 cannot be allowed to continue. Big business will, of course, try to scupper this. Their only concern is MONEY. They do not own planet Earth, it is not theirs to destroy.

Please thank Albert for agreeing to guide and train Ann. Many of us were there to observe last evening. You should have filmed the evening, as some of the transformations were quite remarkable. The three of you must sit as often as possible to develop and gain confidence. Darling, you listened to your two tape recordings and you were very upset when you discovered that the tapes did not record my voice. When you sat in the cabinet, I must say, it was beautifully lit. I used all the energy in the room to come to you. I held you in my arms, just like I used to. It gives you the strength to go forward. We have asked so much of you. Yes, darling, you will complete our work, and when the timing is right, you will hand it on to Alexander. He, too, came from Spirit to do this work. I was able to overshadow you. I answered all the questions that were asked of me. Darling, this is a first for us. We, in Spirit, decided it should not be on tape. You will have to ask your colleagues what I said. When we perfect this type of communication, then yes, my love, it will be recorded and filmed. The evidence will be provided. I am, as ever, the perfectionist. I want it to be perfect, then we can show the world what real love can achieve. Please thank Albert for his guidance and his hospitality, he is a good man.

Please thank Alison B. for sending a copy of the new book on the Balfour family. What an extraordinary family of visionaries she comes from. Please tell her it was an honour and a privilege for me to study them and produce my report, though I was up against a certain member of the SPR who was determined to prevent its publication. The very same one, who, as I lay in hospital having a HEART BYPASS, did his utmost to prevent the Scole Report from being accepted. Never mind, my dear Veronica will publish it. She has publishers waiting for her to write a book, so there will be no difficulty there at all. Your family's contribution to psychical research is unparalleled.

Your team will expand. We are bringing people forward. As I promised before, the enlightened will come forward, you will all work together to change the thinking in your world. You will get help to deal with the everyday running of our Foundation. Everything must be in order. This has got to be done urgently. You have very important people from other countries coming and they will expect to see everything ship-shape. So, darling, ask for help.

Your invitation to a very important dinner at the United Nations in New York was a lovely surprise. You must accept. You will need to go to New York, anyway, so fit everything in around that. I promise I will attend. I would not miss an opportunity to see my dear wife dining with two queens, and the possibility of Bill Clinton, also. Well, how could we possibly miss it. Alison's invitation to her table, makes for a very enjoyable evening for all. Her understanding of our work increases day by day. The blinds are being lifted and she is becoming very excited by what is being revealed. Tell her we have only just begun! The best is still to come. Please thank her for all her help in guiding our Foundation, we value her contribution. Hers is the voice of experience and must be listened to.

Now, my love, we need you to be well rested so you will be prepared, as and when things happen. Without you, we cannot go forward with our plans. We will remove the dishonest from your path, their days are well and truly over. Your desire to please me overrides all else. I ask you to take time for you, too; that would please me a great deal. I am so proud of you, darling. Let us go forward in love and harmony to make your world a better place for all. Your husband forever, Monty.