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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 25th February 2007

Your week, my love, has been both stressful and incredibly exciting. You could hardly contain your excitement at times. I promised you two days notice of certain events, and I, through C.H., called you on Monday evening. I told you I was preparing myself for the final countdown. You did not fully take it in, at first. I had to tell you the 22nd February was important, that this is your sign, then the penny dropped! Your excitement could be felt in our world.

You are, my dear, a wonderful instrument for me to work through. We, in Spirit, are so grateful for all you do on our behalf. You make all this possible. As warned, your workload will increase, but we will be at your side to help and guide you. Many more people will make contact with you. Soon, you will meet R.B. He will take a great interest in our work and will want to be part of our team. Please tell Tom, we are very pleased with our website.

April will be very exciting, especially 20th-29th. The world will share in our excitement. Of course, your birthday will be very special — we will see to that. There will also be a lot happening in May. All our goals will be achieved. I see you unveiling a plaque. I will be honoured. September will also be extremely important. We will achieve so much this year. Please, my love, be prepared.

The one thing I must insist on, is that you must rest, you are entitled to rest. We see you as a soldier of courage. You accept, without question, all that we ask of you. I left a lot of work unfinished. We will, in time, go through it all and complete it, as now, I do have all the answers I searched for, when in your world.

Please apologise to your chiropodist. On Thursday 22nd, I was with you and she became aware of me, and asked you what was going on. I accidentally blocked her light a few times. Christina was alarmed whenever she went anywhere near my study. We were there, and made too much noise. In our excitement, we wanted everyone to know we were here. You enjoyed it when you returned, just sitting there on your own with just us as company. Simon heard us also, it is time he experienced a little more. We did so much more, but we cannot divulge the information yet. People have different ways of looking at, and dealing with, Spirit. Trust me, it will come out. We have had our breakthrough and we will continue to awaken your world and give the ability to see clearly what needs to be dealt with. Truth will have to be a priority. So much has been kept hidden by political leaders, throughout history. It was their way of controlling the masses. Now is the time for all that to change. Then, with full knowledge and consideration, the people will decide how they wish the world to proceed.

John Mack wants all the information from his research to be made available. There is so much blocked, and people like John were penalised for speaking the truth. There is no reason why we all cannot live together in a civilised manner. Knowledge is, after all, power. What politics has achieved is distrust and suspicion between countries, and it's time that stopped. This is 2007, the year of change, truth and light. We will reach out to each other.

I was there with you, yesterday, when B.A. came to lunch. Yes, my dear, you recognised elements of me in her. That is why you two will become quite close and good friends. She was chosen, and I did promise you, we had some people for you to work with whom you would be friends with. She is delightful. Truth and love shine out from her.

Your meeting at the F.C. was certainly interesting. A. is excited by all you talked about. She was surprised you knew so much about her interests. She had no idea you work directly with us, and when you read the information given to her from another part of the world, it repeats what we have been telling you. They, too, are excited and expect so much to happen in 2007. They call it the Divine Plan, timing and purpose. They also see 2007 as a year of profound healing for the world. Quantum physics is the science of possibility. People must be willing to take responsibility for moving out of ignorance and into empowerment. Because 2007 has such a focus on stepping into the authentic self, self-worth will be challenged. Corruption in governments will be uncovered, people will call for people with integrity, truth and honesty. We, in Spirit, will support you throughout all the change.

Spirit has planned everything in detail. We have access to all the great minds that ever walked the Earth. Our project has the survival of your world at the centre of our plans, to bring justice and peace to all countries. Man-made divisions that separate people will have to go. The dishonest will fade without trace.

Again, you have a busy week ahead of you. Our Foundation grows. The people we bring forward are specially chosen. You all blend together so beautifully, it’s a joy to watch. As ever, my thanks and my love go to you. I will try not to alarm anyone this week! You are enclosed in my arms forever. My love is yours, Monty.

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