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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30th March 2008

As you took a walk this morning, you were remembering the many times you and I used to enjoy just walking and talking together, being at one with each other. Revealing our innermost thoughts, desires, and our fears, was so precious to both of us. We shared a joy in each other few people ever experience. We valued the simple things in life that brought us great happiness.

Spending time with Bronwen serves to give her a greater understanding and insight into our work. It is good to talk, you spend too much time on your own on the computer. Yes, I know, I did too. Spring is on its way, so do plan to get out more.

Your Board Meeting went very well indeed. Darling, as you were having lunch, it was me putting my hand on your shoulder. I was just letting you know I was right beside you. At first, you thought that it was Robert. But his hands were on the table. You know me, I would never miss an opportunity to attend a gathering of what I now regard as "OUR PEOPLE", our "INNER CIRCLE". As things develop, you will have outer circles. Remember, darling, "AS ABOVE SO BELOW". We, on this side, have the Network. We have many groups supporting us, all working towards the same end, all specially chosen to support you. You have been told and you have been shown. You do understand. Now it's just a question of helping others to understand and come forward to assist. There are many around the world all being prepared, and waiting for "the call". Again, I ask that you do not worry about the money for our Foundation. It is in place. It is just a matter of when the timing is right, it will be there. You do not have to change anything. Stop worrying, nothing has been left to chance. You know me, my love, I was a stickler for detail. Please thank the Farmers Club for giving you the use of that very impressive room for your meeting. I loved that place. I had many happy times there. It is good to know that they are happy that our Foundation meets there. Robert and Simon certainly have a better understanding of what we propose to do. I am delighted that Simon has found his voice and was taking part in the decision-making. Bronwen and Mark contributed greatly to the discussions, and what can one say about Peter. He is a font of all knowledge and we are blessed to have him on board. We in the Network, thank each and every one of you for your contribution, and dear Alison, who has contributed so much, and whose insight is greatly valued on both sides of life. Always remember, each one of you was specially chosen.

The CO2 project needs a little push in the right direction. You are dealing with very busy people who need to be reminded. The world needs it now, so they will have to prioritise. Time will be found to take this forward. Just a gentle reminder from R and C will do it, then everyone should be prepared to go with it.

We, on our side of life, are trying so hard to remove the dishonest from politics and governments around the world. It is not easy. They create a climate of fear that takes real courage to go against. More and more is coming out into the open. Countries will no longer be able to hide the corruption and abuse that people have turned a blind eye to, for far too long. These people, my dear, deserve the justice and respect that has been denied them in the past.

Think carefully about Robert's suggestion to you. I feel you would benefit from the visit. Do try to arrange it. You must look after yourself.

More people are contacting you about our website, every day. I shared your delight when you received a request for permission for ‘A level’ and first-year students to study it. To know, as you put it, my dear, that "death is not the end" and to live one’s life with this knowledge, will contribute to making their lives more fulfilled, and will help to create a more compassionate society.

The photograph you found of us together shows clearly the love flowing between us. It is there for all to see. It is beautiful. Do look at it whenever you feel alone. Things are coming together just as they should. We are always at your side, guiding you. Your adoring husband, Monty.