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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 26th July 2009

What a lovely gathering you had last evening, the energy was beautiful. We in Spirit, thank each and every one of you for coming forward to work with us. It was important that it is clearly understood that this work, that you and I do, was planned many, many moons ago. We, my love, are fulfilling our destiny. Do not think of me as Montague Keen, that was just a label I used to learn first-hand about the thinking behind certain groups on Earth. They never understood why I could not be bound by their beliefs. I needed to be free of bondage, to explore and prepare for the work I now do. Because you believed in me and trusted me totally, you understood that I was not fully of your world. You supported and loved me. With you, I was complete. It was not until towards the end of my earthly life, I saw that you were part of me, and that you, my love, with me, would fulfil our destiny. One day soon, this will become obvious even to those who sought to destroy you, driven as they were by greed and misguided feelings of superiority. A hard lesson is in store for them. Our day is soon. They failed to grasp that you and I have been together since before the Earth was created. Our purpose will be fulfilled.

People have come forward, my love, to take some of the burden from your shoulders. As your workload increases, it is important that you are free to work with me, and the day to day running of the Foundation is taken from your shoulders. Never forget that your love and commitment is of great importance to me. Many in the World of Spirit have now come through to show their support of our work. There is a sense of excitement here also. We see all, nothing is hidden from us. Some should take this on board, and know they will one day answer for their actions. TRUTH WILL TRIUMPH.

Enlightenment will come, questions will be answered, chaos will be removed. Humanity will come to realise that divisions are man-made and are designed to control man's freewill. The realisation that each and every one of you chose to return to Earth to earn a higher level in the World of Spirit. This will suddenly dawn on all of you. How you treat your fellow man is extremely important. You are all God's creatures, and as such, are important in your own right. It is not wealth and importance that is looked at when you come to Spirit, it is how you have lived your life, how you related to your fellow man.

I have told you, this week, to be prepared to take a step forward. You were also told that the stage is set. The next six months are important, much will happen. The killing must stop. It saddens you to see young men, barely out of school, return in coffins. The grief of those families is painful to observe. War is never the answer. One man has no right to kill another. God creates life, and God alone recalls that soul.

Veronica, my love, you have had a very full week. It has also been an interesting one. Meeting with like-minded people who are also aware of the changes that are on the way, is good for you. They are prepared to work alongside you, to assist in bringing truth and honesty to a world that has completely lost its way and is so in need of rescue. Many in Spirit are in a state of excitement, looking forward to being able to show themselves, to speak once more, and guide Man back to a more spiritual life. Proof positive, at last, that the afterlife does indeed exist, that there is a Supreme Being. The ELs, some of whom have shown themselves, and have given information to you, will bring it all out into the open in the way that we have planned. All questions will be answered. Spirit will be accessible to all. Prepare to see your husband, once more, and to stand by his side as in the past.

Try to have some time for you this week. Be with like-minded people. We have much to do, my love. I am ever at your side, surrounding you with love. I am, and always will be, your Monty.