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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 16th December 2007

This week, my love, you became the victim of FALSE MARKETING. It must be exposed, lest others are taken in, as you were. Nothing is as it seems in that company. This has been done to lull people into a false sense of security and it is so dishonest. Trading on someone else's good name must be exposed. There are people using my name to achieve a status they would otherwise never achieve. Do they not realise, I will expose their dishonesty? You, my love, asked yet again if there are any honest people in the world. Your disappointment, seeing and experiencing the dishonest behaviour of my blood family as well as my old colleagues, when I passed to Spirit, has certainly left a scar. Trust me, my love, it has all been noted and will be dealt with. I promise you that.

There was some good news from Mark. A certain lady would like to become involved. That is why she was brought back into his life. Tell him there is always a reason. She will bring our work to the attention of people, who we would otherwise have had difficulty in reaching. You see, my love, our net is widening, and bringing in so many more people of note. We choose them carefully, so you need not worry as to whether to trust them or not. Peter W. is someone I would love to have known. He and I are two of a kind, his insight is second to none. He speaks with such confidence and conviction, He is a joy to listen to. Try to arrange meetings in the New Year, so you can all talk the plans through. He will inspire many more to come on board. He is a good man.

You have much to look forward to, in January 08. The plans you have made with Albert are exciting and full of possibility. Let us hope for the best. I will try not to let you down, you know that. Albert is liked by all, a good and kind soul who has your best interests at heart. He will stay in touch throughout our work. He is part of it. In time, he will understand his roll in it.

You, my love, are exhausted. Last week took its toll. We have great plans and need you to be there, ready to deal with all that happens. I would like you, now, to sit in that beautiful massage chair, Maeve got for you. Try to relax. Let your mind drift, and let us see what we can do for you. Now wouldn't that be nice for a change? You must consider yourself. You do need to relax. You have Christmas to prepare for, plus our work. So I plead with you to do this for me. Let us join together in love and harmony. We will stop now, so you can take this time for you. We have eternity to look forward to, when our work is completed.

Rest my love, knowing that I am at your side, guiding and protecting you. Until we write next week, take my love with confidence, go forward in our name. I was so proud to call you Mrs Keen. I still am, forever your husband, Monty.

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