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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th December 2006

Well, here we are again, almost at the end of the year, and we are aware of how exhausting it’s been for you. Again, I ask you to rest over Christmas. Let others help. You’ve done everything all your life.

Anthony will bring the right people on board. Trust his judgement. I know you will meet after Christmas. It’s a pity Robert will be away for that, but it will give you two a chance to discuss plans, etc. We are finalising everything on this side — trust me — we are ready to roll.

We will get your health sorted out. Talk to Dr Coghlan and Robert. Those two will work together. Coghlan will find the research very exciting, and with S.G. they will make a great team. Having the right people is crucial.

M.E. will test in Germany. It’s a matter of finding the time to set it up. He is a busy man and works hard. He does realise the importance of this and it scares him a little at times. We, in Spirit, are guiding it and the world desperately needs it. Your world is disintegrating all around you, but man’s greed drives him on, regardless. We must get our priorities right. There is a concerted effort around the world to look at the fact that the environment is a no.1 issue with everyone.

We are bringing a group of people that can manifest more and more spiritual things, as well as practical things from Spirit. Talk to the many experts around you now, about MY PURE DREAM. The major thing, above all else, is to get people in foreign territory to actually be able to feed, clothe, and house themselves; and therefore the group of people around you at the moment — especially J.S. — could be of infinite help.

There is an Irishman coming to help. He wants to join a worthwhile cause. Do not worry about what’s been stolen, because in actual fact, there is nothing stolen that the godforce cannot replace. Rest assured, that the main understanding of my work is already out there, so the people who connect with it, will do a fine job. We have got to a point now, where we can influence people, like we influence Robert. We are using our skills 24 hours a day, non-stop.

You, my dear, are expanding your own consciousness in a very concrete way, and we are getting closer and closer all the time, and that will help strengthen our links. All we have to do, is to create an intention, followed by a direct decision and the doorways of opportunity will start to open. Remember, many times, I was so exhausted, I used to have a little cat-nap, and it was during those moments that I actually got some very useful information. Everything is moving as it should. It’s falling neatly into place. But we have had to get the right people with the right kind of minds to really understand, and now we have them, my dear.

M.E. will go ahead with everything. The massive changes that are going on in your world, mean that everything is being speeded up. Because at the North Pole and the South Pole, the ice is melting at a great rate, so something has to be done in view of that. It has to be done immediately, to help the people of Africa to grow more crops in a more natural way, rather than in a western sense, because they are in that position. So money invested in that direction, can bring more energy of joy, which we will ride on, which will then bring MANIFESTATIONS. Not just one manifestation, manifestations around the world. There would be people available to talk to their own people. People of their own culture. This can change a whole country, practically overnight, so that’s in the wind. I am not working separately, I am working in conjunction with all of this. It’s like riding a huge wave of energy that is growing and growing like a tsunami experience. We will show the world how close we are. We will manifest, just as soon as we can. There is no question of that. Robert is more aware of all this than you realize. Anthony is aware as well, in his own way, and he is actually mellowing through the whole process, and is becoming a totally different man. But we need him to be rock-solid, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally, so that when people come to ask him why he is involved in this particular project, as opposed to others, he will give a good account of himself, and we take care of him.

Your family in Spirit, and my family in Spirit, are giving their total blessing to our project. Wendy will also come into the forum, because it’s also going to be a process of growing crops, talking to individuals — especially women — about their children, and the type of nutrition that they need to have, and this opens up another door. Our project will be talked about worldwide.

The extent of this energy is just massive, so in terms of scientific understanding, the planets have been causing a little bit of havoc with the Earth, recently. That’s all changing now. They’re settling down and therefore the energy is more liable to flow at Earth level. Therefore, people that have been blocked in their projects, suddenly, they take off and this is where we are at. The speed of this is like a roller-coaster, or giant juggernaut on top of a hill with no brakes. It’s being controlled by Spirit.

We have a massive opportunity to teach, and to get people so uplifted, so empowered in themselves, that they will never look back again. They will never have to look over their shoulders again. They will begin to feel their own spiritual greatness. That is also taking place at the same time. So it’s the opening up of the spiritual consciousness. We just have to be a little bit more patient, but for your self-interest, we are knocking on the door.

Our love will show what can be achieved through love. It will be an example to the world. We did not have riches of the material kind; but we did have, what all the money in your world could never buy. Our love will never cease. I show, over and over again, we will always be together. Enjoy the lead up to Christmas, knowing I am beside you. Your adoring, Monty.