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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 14th December 2008

Veronica, I watched you yesterday, as you looked through some of the lovely romantic cards I gave to you, during our time together. Unfortunately, there are those who refuse to see the depth of love we shared. It is not as they chose to see me, or what we continue to have. They insist on judging us by their base standards. They refuse to see the man I truly was. They do not think it goes with my analytical mind. With you, I could indulge my romantic side. You truly appreciated it. We tried to hide it at conferences, as you felt it would not go with my IMAGE. There were those who felt that I did not deserve to be loved. In their eyes, I failed to be what they decided I should be. They felt that I had to make reparation to them, for daring to live my life and to be happy. How Sad.

Reports of the corrupt being exposed are reaching you. One by one, they will be exposed. They have no conscience, they care not of the pain and suffering of those who had entrusted their finances to them. They use everyone and everything to make money. It is everything to them. There is no hiding place. The time has come for honest people to come forward, to try to steer your world in a more honest direction. They have been warned. The time has come for change, to see people as they really are, not as they would like you to see them. It takes courage to be honest when all around you are 'DOING VERY WELL" through corruption and greed.

As George Bernard Shaw said, "He knows nothing and he thinks he knows everything, that points clearly to a political career." You need politicians who have to answer to those whose vote gives them power. It is time for more open government. Truth must be insisted on. Far too much is done by stealth. Honesty is, after all, the best policy. The "we know best" mentality has to go. They have clearly shown that they do not. The man in the street has every right to question decisions made in his name.

Christmas is about to be celebrated. Every religion believing that their version of events is the correct one. There was once a man called Jesus, who tried to teach TRUTH and HONESTY, and to look out for your fellow man. His honesty brought him persecution and suffering. Those who speak the truth have always suffered for it. You have only to look at the misrepresentation and downright lies that you have been subjected to, since I passed to Spirit. Look at these people and see what they have all got in common. They are trying to convince themselves, and others, that they are only doing what is right by Monty, while totally ignoring what I, Montague Keen, stated clearly that I wanted.

Our work, my darling, will bring about the changes that need to happen. You have worked so hard for my work to be recognised and for people to understand the purpose of The Montague Keen Foundation. We need to bring together honest scientists and politicians, to work together to try to right the wrongs. I have been bringing them to your attention, they will come forward. TV has brought the plight of fellow human beings right into your homes. This cannot be ignored in a world of plenty. This should not happen. Again, it is corruption and greed that is responsible for this.

Each of you has a responsibility to those who suffer, to reach out with help, whether it be financial or physical help. All mankind is connected in our eyes, and so it is your duty to do whatever you can to help the less fortunate among you. You are your brother's keeper.

You and I, my dear, can show the importance of LOVE. It takes courage to open oneself to the power of love. It changed our lives completely. We were complete, fulfilled, happy beyond our wildest dreams. Never ever allow anyone to demean what we had and still have. If only others could know love. How different your world would be.

We will fulfil our purpose. This has been ordained by greater minds than ours.

I could never leave you, my dear one. I show you constantly that I am with you. I will always remain your devoted husband, Monty.