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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 13th December 2009

My dear, you are being made aware of others, who like you, have been charged with bringing information about the vendetta which is being waged against humanity, to prevent them from working and living in the Light. We are aware of your relief to know that there are others such as yourself. More and more eyes are opening to what the Dark Forces are up to. They use the energy of fear, because it creates a barrier between Light and Consciousness. Their powerful force field of negativity is specifically designed to conquer through fear. They will use everything in their arsenal to create such fear and panic. Sadly, many will fall for their lies. As soon as 2010 starts, you will be bombarded by people bearing false witness, and all sorts of stories to create fear, and so control the masses. They will use every means at their disposal, no stone will be left unturned. It has been well planned by experts in the field. I have always told you that nothing is as it seems. Please trust me. Do not be taken in by the lies and false witness that you will be exposed to, soon. We, in Spirit, only wish to protect you, to lead you safely through the changes that will lead you to the fifth phase which your planet must enter. The human race has been tampered with, over and over again, so as to control it. Look to the future of your planet with joy, knowing that you had a hand in creating it. I did explain the massive change in energy. Think about it. You will no longer be trapped in heavy bodies, they will be operating on a higher vibration. They will change from carbon-based to a crystalline, cellular structure. They will be free of disease. All you will need to deal with problems, is to adjust the energy. There are people out there, who fully understand this concept. They have been guided, and so are already prepared to help people adjust to the new structure. Many have been born in the last few years, who already have the new DNA, and are free from all obstructions that man has used to control the masses.

There is no hiding place for those who have tried to destroy the human race and your beautiful planet. They will no longer be able to exist on Earth, when the energy changes. All the money, power and influence, cannot stop what has been ordained. The Supreme Energy alone, controls what happens in the universe. I have always said that the corruption will be exposed. It is HUGE. It’s all based on greed, control and power. It’s down to one race of people, seeing themselves as being superior, and so controlling the masses. Their DNA structure will not cope with the new energy, they will not be part of the future of your world. Veronica, my dear, truth on all levels will be revealed. Your world is facing a real awakening. It is coming, my dear, it is certainly coming, and not before time.

I had to leave you when I did, so that I could help set all this in motion. I never wanted to leave you, my dear, the happiness we shared meant so much to me. You understand, when one is called, there is no choice. We still work closely together. We are one. All the misconceptions about the afterlife and the purpose of life will be revealed and clearly understood. Your brains will no longer be constrained and controlled. False belief systems will be revealed as control systems. All contamination will be removed. Truth and love will reign supreme. The time for change is NOW. I have tried to prepare you for it. We, in Spirit, will be there for you. Beings from other planets will also assist. You are not alone. Know that everything you see on TV and newspapers is controlled 100%, by those whose only wish is to control you. Learn to look beyond what you are being told. Ask yourselves, why do they want me to believe this or do that. What is behind it? Take responsibility for your own lives. Make rational decisions. Refuse to be party to their control. Be Brave.

We bring the right people to you to assist you. As you are well aware, nothing happens by chance. In the new energy, everyone will both see, and communicate, with those who have passed on to the world of Spirit. The great divide will cease. The barriers between planets will go forever.

Try to take time for you. Be with your family. Enjoy the laughter and the good food, as I used to, when I was privileged to be with you and your family. I will, of course, be there. I will show in my usual manner that I am among you.

We thank you. We truly appreciate your dedication to our work. I am your adoring husband, Monty.