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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th December 2006

What an exhausting weekend you’ve had, my love. It was lovely to see all your family together to celebrate Ciara’s birthday. I helped to blow out the candles and sing happy birthday. You were not the only one aware of my presence. They are not sure yet.

Thank you for buying the flowers. I wanted you so much to have them, and as I cannot physically do it, I have to inspire you to do it and know they are there with my love.

Stop worrying, you cannot go forward just now, as people have too much on their minds with Christmas shopping, etc. You know we have allocated this period for you to rest, to try to enjoy the normal things of life, just like you used to before my passing.

Darling, how many times do I have to ask you not to make contact with my old colleagues. There is a concerted effort to freeze you out. I know you believed that Archie Roy was different. You wrote to him, letting him know he was quite wrong in his assumption that no one can mention my name. I am disappointed that Archie has said what he did. One day he will end-up in Spirit and it will be explained to him. That is one thing no one on Earth can change.

At last, some people are beginning to open their eyes to what is happening in your world. If only they would communicate, and work together, not all doing their own little thing. It’s more expensive and time-consuming.

Do you remember, I explained how easy it is to harness the energy from the wind, and it would cost pennies. Talk to Anthony about it. He would know the right people to talk to, to do some trials of it. To be effective, things do not have to be expensive.

We really do not want to push you, just now, much as I would love to see our projects going full-steam ahead. For nearly three years, you have worked tirelessly for me. You need time for you, now. Spend this precious time with your family, knowing you are pleasing me by doing this.

I know you do not need or seek the approval of others. Knowing you are pleasing me, is all that matters to you. It leaves you free to make the right decisions. You used to worry about this. Now that we are more in-tune, your confidence has grown considerably.

You have two young men coming to see you, this week. Open everything to them, this is what I want, and they will see the lies, deceit and injustice, perpetrated by my family. They should remember, they will answer for it, and because of the work you do for the Spirit world, they will be severely dealt with. In fact, they are facing difficulties now. You can be punished in life, also.

It is not acceptable to treat people in this manner. I am surrounded by so many, truly interesting people here, it’s all so exciting. Remember my excitement when I first came to Spirit, when I met all the great scientists, etc. I come to the lower levels to meet my family. Some, I had never even heard of. They feel, if only they could convey all they know now, to those still on Earth, it might help them to see the error of their ways! I’m not so sure! You opened my eyes to so much, my love. You believed you learned from me. I can tell you, I learned quite a bit from you. I learned to be happy and what it is to love and relax, and be in the moment.

Try to surround yourself with people who care. Our work will open minds and eyes to what really matters in life. Thank you, once again, for our time together. My love and protection surround you, Monty.