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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 9th December 2007

You have learned to trust your own judgment. You know it is guided by me. When people insist that they know best, it is very hard for you, and causes unnecessary stress and discord. They will, in time, learn that we see the full picture and guide you accordingly. We have much work to do, so we need everyone to work in harmony. Remember, not everyone had the opportunity of knowing me, and how I work, and they are all at different levels of development and understanding.

Your meeting with David was excellent. His understanding of what you and Robert want to achieve, was very good indeed. The three of you gelled together, and you will work well as a team, to bring this to fruition. There is no time to lose. He will bring forward the people he feels appropriate. You, my dear, know who to approach. Trust your judgment. The right people will come together. You have put so much energy into this project, it is time you had support. It will come. Robert must understand, he must not make the same mistakes he made, when you brought Anthony in. They need you, with my input, for this to work. No one can be allowed to interfere with this. It is urgently needed by the whole world. Many will try to scupper our plans, driven by GREED and JEALOUSY. They will put up a good fight. They must not be allowed to succeed. Be on guard at all times. Be prepared to meet with David, whenever he asks. He is an important cog in the wheel.

We ensured you rested on Tuesday. You must not always put our work before your health and well-being. We need you there to complete the work. Try to pace yourself. I want you to take time to prepare for Christmas. It was always such a happy time for us, with the family around us. Simon’s jokes creating so much laughter, the opening of presents; not to mention the food. It was so good to share all this with you, thank you. Know, my darling, with certainty, I will be at your side as always. I may even play a little game with Ciara again, like on her last visit, just to show that I am still there.

Your rapport with Christine was nice to see. She was aware of the light coming from you and so wanted to meet you. The correspondence started and to your complete surprise, you discovered she is a writer with a good understanding of Spirit. Though she is away for a few months, she is giving our work some thought. She has certainly given you food for thought. Is she the one?

As you shop for presents, remember you gave me the greatest gift any human being can give another — unconditional love. I came alive. I felt so full of energy. I had an enthusiasm for life and my work as never before. We awakened so much in each other. You made my life complete. Because of this, we continue to be as one, to work together as we always did. You have total trust in me, and because of this, we will succeed. Your world needs our help, to get rid of pollution and to bring a greater understanding of life on Earth. You watch with faint amusement when you see the headlines. The dishonest in all walks of life are being exposed. There is nowhere to hide. I told you that this would happen. Those who think they have "got away with it" have got a surprise or two on the way. The time for change is at hand.

Our plans are great, my love, we will succeed. We have many surprises in store. Be prepared. Try to rest as much as possible, so you are ready when the action starts. You listened to a tape when I spoke from Spirit in my own voice. I said, "I adore Veronica", it touched you deeply, and brought a tear or two. You will have to share those tapes with the world when you make the film. Try to prepare yourself for this eventuality. You are worried you will feel exposed. We will make it as easy as possible for you. Be proud of our love for each other, it may open minds to what is possible when two people from such different backgrounds come together. They sing about "the power of love". We are a testament to it.

We have much to look forward to, my love. Take some time for yourself, this week. You deserve it. I will guide you. I am your loving husband, Monty.