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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th December 2008

My dear Veronica, it has been another interesting week for you. So much information for you to deal with. You have a much clearer grasp of the extent of our plans. There is not one country in your world that will not be affected by my materialisation. It will open the door to so much. People are now letting you know that it was forecast many times in the past. You were given information this week, stating that BERTRAND RUSSELL, that great English scientist, wrote about it, and the fact that it will indeed happen. His timing is almost correct. You know me, I am a man of my word, and I state quite categorically, I will make many visits and I will speak to your world. I will defend my wife, whose belief in me from the moment we met, never faltered. I will speak out against the dishonesty of the people I misguidedly trusted. Our COSMIC PORTAL will soon become a reality. Enlightened scientists know that the timing is right, that your world needs to move forward to the next phase of its development. Look back in history, my dear, there is always unrest before each new phase begins. Things cannot stay the same forever. The good people — yes, there are some good people — they will welcome the changes with open arms. People are asking for change, without any idea of the massive changes that are in store for them.

When I asked you to set up a Foundation in my name, it was for The Montague Keen Foundation, to follow my guidance to prepare for me, and those who will come with me, through our cosmic portal. It will be the biggest event in your world for thousands of years. To those who say, "He can't do anything, he is DEAD", I say to them, I have a few surprises in store for them. Those who betrayed me, will hide like rats in the sewers. There is nowhere to hide from TRUTH. Professor MICHIO KAKU, the great Japanese/American scientist, an expert on the STRING FIELD THEORY, fully believes in the cosmic portal also, as do many more.

Those who knew me only as Monty the man, with all the problems of trying to cope with life on Earth, refuse to see beyond that. Those who knew my work on the paranormal, and understood my deep commitment to it, and my firm belief in the afterlife, can accept all that is happening. Remember how I loved to speak with Spirit. You were able to share this with me, so it’s easier now for you to accept Spirit into your life. You have many tapes of us speaking with Spirit, when I was on Earth. Remember one in particular, who liked to call you, Mrs Monty. They used to talk of the importance of my work, and how it would continue; and it is through you, my love, I can continue. You have accepted this burden which I placed confidently on your shoulders. I knew you could never let me down. Together, my love, we will bring about the CHANGES your world desperately needs.

We in the Network, wish to thank those who stand by you and support our work. Through our portal, we will meet and thank them personally. We truly appreciate their help. I promise they will stand by your side when we reveal ourselves. I know that there are one or two, who look forward to having a conversation with me, as they have only come to know me since my passing. You know, darling, I struggled to try to be what people expected me to be, and I failed in their eyes. I had a mission to fulfil, and my work had to take priority over all else. You, my love, are now fulfilling your mission, and so everything else is of less importance. You put it first, before everything else, and so you should. We are excited, too. It will not be long now.

Veronica, my love is yours forever. I am your devoted husband, Monty.

Cosmic Portal forecast by Bertrand Russell

100 years from now it won't matter whether I died in 2012 or 2013 or even 2020. But I believe that some type of cosmic portal will be opening at that time and place and that an opportunity will present itself.

I fully expect that it will either lead to the next level of this cosmic program; freedom from an imprisoning time-loop; a magical Martian-like bubble; or something equally as exotic.

What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index into his desires — desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.

Bertrand Russell