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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 1st November 2009

My dear Veronica, you now have a greater understanding of all that has happened since I passed to this different state of existence. You now see the full picture. The pieces of the puzzle slot into place. You see the evil intent of those who jumped into action as soon as they heard I had taken my last breath. While you were reeling in shock, they coldly put their plan of action into place. To them, I, Monty, was someone to be used. To amuse guests, to entertain, to be used when they needed help. Always handy for a loan, when necessary. They set out to take from me before I was even cold. How calculating is that? What has the world come to, when it produces such individuals who masquerade as caring and respectable. They destroyed every relationship I ever had that did not meet with their approval and conform with their requirements, no matter who was hurt in the process. The fact that you and I were so happy, upset them greatly. You were the only person in my life who took the time to really know and to love me, to accept me as I was. I was able to be me. There were no rules to conform to, no religion for either of us to answer to. We were free spirits, with acceptance of the soul and the afterlife, and the wonderful world of Spirit, that we loved to research and reach out to. The amazing experiences we shared, talking with Spirits. Remember the first time we shook hands with Spirit, and he playfully removed my tie, etc. It is all on tape for you to relive whenever you choose. You, my dear, made my life complete.

I know it is a burden for you to know what is happening in your world, as well as what is planned for your world. Human beings are being used and abused for greed, and there is a plan to cut the population of your world by two thirds. Fear is the weapon being used to ensure that people comply with government orders. You have freewill. Learn to say ‘no’. Research everything thoroughly before you agree to anything, however persuasive ‘the powers that be’, are.

Civilisations fifth phase will be more civilised. Money and banks will not rule it. The next 1,000 years will be quite different. Certainly less controlled. Banks will no longer have power: all that will be removed. There will not be a need for weapons of mass destruction. All the effort that now goes into the destruction of Man will cease to be necessary. The universe will come together as a whole. The ability to travel to other planets will become the norm. All truth will be revealed. Because of the contamination inflicted by greed, your world has depleted the oxygen. There is enough, perhaps, for the next forty years. Money will not buy you oxygen. Through greed, you have destroyed a beautiful planet. You only see what is in front of your noses, you have failed to see the full picture. Your governments have been in contact with beings from other planets that are not friendly. This information is kept from you, the people. Anyone in government who has tried to bring it out into the open has been duly stopped. We in spirit, will reveal all that is necessary to be revealed. It is in hand.

As you know, you are one of the many around the world who is aware of what is happening. You each, in your own way, bring information from our side of life, so as to prepare as many as possible for the massive changes that will begin to happen shortly. More and more people are tuned in to the World of Spirit and are preparing for the shift in consciousness that will free minds from the restrictions placed on them, and take them forward into a completely new way of life. We in Spirit, will be able to visit Earth. Portals will be created for this to happen. We have given you information on this. Nothing will be hidden or secret anymore, all will be revealed. There is a race of people who will not be happy with this. They will return to the planet from whence they came.

My dear, you have family visiting this weekend. Take time just to be with them. I will withdraw for now. I never leave you, my love is yours. Your adoring husband, Monty.