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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 5th December 2006

You must not feel bad when you miss a Sunday rendezvous. It is not set in stone, though it is something we have both come to look forward to and enjoy.

You were not fully at ease on Sunday. You felt you did not fit in. True, it was not your setting, but it helped people to hear my voice, and be reassured as to whether there is an afterlife or not. It is an important issue for many people.

Please arrange a meeting with Robert on his return from the US. The three of you need to go forward. It would be good if a trip to Holland can be arranged a.s.a.p. We need to move forward. There is no time to waste. The sooner we get started, the better, before governments waste any more money on useless gimmicks, just to show they are doing something. This is one thing the whole world will come together on. They all need it. It really is the answer.

You, my dear, need to take some time for yourself. Rest and do things you enjoy, because next year, there will not be the time. You are blessed with a lovely family. Treasure the times when you all get together. Relax and enjoy, and remember, I am there too. They do not fully understand why you are so cut off from them since I passed. They do not see why my work is so important to you. They will, in time. Keep a place at the table for me. As this is a very busy time for everyone, take advantage of it — rest — pamper yourself. Get ready for next year.

L is coming back in line again and will guide you. He really understands what the Network requires, and in February 07, the Network will work directly with you, and the four scientists they have chosen will also be on board. They are without a sense of humour, it will be nose to the grindstone. Just remember, when you see the results you will be so happy to have made such a contribution to your world. For too long, people have been too frightened to step out of line, and have allowed everything to deteriorate. That can no longer be allowed to happen.

Because we see things so clearly from here, it is easy for us to see what should and must be done. You, my dear, will guide it. We, in spirit, will put everything in place for you. Unfortunately, everyone will want a slice of you, and you will be dragged hither and thither. I am sure you will cope admirably, trust me. We feel we have covered every eventuality. We will succeed. You looked at a photograph of me when we first met and you were shocked at how ill I looked. Then you looked at other photographs in which I looked well. It was due to your love and care that I looked so well. You, my dear, enabled me to do so much more work. The power of love is not understood in your world. If only people would take the time to think, and not put the acquiring of money before all. What a waste!

You will have a family gathering for Ciara, this weekend. I will pop in for some more birthday cake. I love sharing the laughter with you, it brings our home to life. You have given me so many happy memories I can tap into, whenever I choose, and re-live them, and I know you do, too. We were, in fact, so lucky. We were blessed. We, in spirit, are so grateful for all your work on our behalf, and we will repay you when you join us, in time, when our work is complete. Take care, my love. The light of my life that still shines brightly, and I bask in it. Until next time, your own, Monty.