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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd December 2007

Another amazing week for you, my love. So exciting and rewarding, a joy for us to observe. You go from strength to strength to establish our Foundation. We are moving at a much faster rate, these days. We are in a hurry, the Earth is crying out for the help we can offer. Our first big project — dealing with CO2 — is being discussed in many countries, and help to proceed will come from several countries. This is what is advised. Your meeting in London tomorrow will throw up yet more ideas on how to proceed. Listen carefully and give due consideration before making decisions. This is too important to mankind to allow any one person to have control. M.E. must be advised and protected at all times. We on this side of life have great respect for him. I was so fortunate to have spent many wonderful times in his company. I must say, now I understand more fully what a genius he is. I am so grateful, my love, to you for taking me to meet with him in life. We will do our utmost to protect and guide him.

Please thank Peter W. for inviting you to the talk on Arthur Conan Doyle, a man you have got to know from Spirit. It is good to listen to the guidance he has given you. He is excited by our Foundation. He looks forward to being able to materialise when we are up and running. There are so many others who wish to show themselves also. He is one of the helpers. As you know, the inner circle is the Network, and there are many, many outer circles, all working to the same end. The timing is right.

Only Joan’s talk on the 29th had real substance. She is such a "go getter" and works tirelessly on all she believes in. She is fighting within herself right now. She knows what we are aiming to do will help ALL MANKIND, but she is restricted by outdated concepts. You will continue to be friends, and in time, she will see more clearly. She is such a delightful lady. We send all good wishes to her and will assist her in all her projects. She has only to ask.

I wish to thank Bronwen for arranging our board meeting. The surroundings were marvellous. It augurs well for future meetings. Tell her I enjoyed it also. Welcome Mark on to our Board. He is a good addition to our team. We have a good link to him. He will blossom as time goes on, and will become a very active member of the M.K.F. He gives our work a lot of thought. He has enjoyed this week tremendously.

Our two new advisors, how blessed we are to have two such distinguished men on board. Anthony has great regard for you, darling, and will offer guidance and advice on all levels. Peter W. never fails to amaze and delight all who are privileged to listen to him. A man of great knowledge and understanding of all we hope to achieve. It is a new and exciting lease of life for him. He is enjoying every moment of it. His rapport with Robert, Alison and Mark was wonderful. You now see, my love, I told you I would find the right people to work with you. HARMONY between all of you is so important for us to proceed without hindrance All must work together as one, for the aims of the MKF. Even the slightest discord delays the outcome. Please, everyone, remember this. It was lovely to be in the Farmers Club yet again, just like old times. I did not miss a moment of it. Thank you, my love.

Do not ever, even for a moment, think we may not have that extraordinary building. It was ordained from on high. You will be guided as to where it will be situated. Ancient energies are involved. All energies will combine, so it will open the curtain between the Spirit world and Earth. This will happen in God's time. It was ordained and sanctified. Much will happen in it, to improve the lives of all who walk the Earth. Robert will be given all the information necessary to improve man's life on Earth. There will be a new fuel to help mankind. Cold fusion will be part of it. You will be guided to work through thought transference. The MKF will create stability on Earth. It will be on a very high vibration. You will be guided to build a communication device that will communicate directly with Spirit.

You must carry on the work, my love. A new energy force is coming for you that should help you. Don't worry, everything will fall into place, as predicted.

How kind of Robert to invite Ruud to come from Holland to your circle. What a powerful young man. The energy he brought into your circle was so dramatic. Yes, my love, he will work with us. He is able to help so many. He has many gifts and will continue to develop. All will open up for him, and through the MKF, he will be in a position to assist so many needy people. The joy he brought to everyone he touched, a rare gift indeed. Do keep in touch. He will come again. He will help in so many ways.

Do try to have a less hectic week. You need to rest. I know you will Miss Alison, very much. It was great to have her in London, so she could meet everyone, and so go forward with our plans in the US. You two, will spend more and more time together, either in London or New York. We, in Spirit, are so grateful to all of you for the effort you put into making the world a better place for all.

We watch over you and guide your thoughts and words. You are our instrument on Earth. Always remember that. Our grateful thanks for all the work you do for us. My love is yours for all time. Your own, Monty.