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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 26th October 2008

We in the Network thank you for standing up for truth in difficult circumstances. People go against their conscience for all sorts of reasons but are never happy for doing so. It is a difficult thing to live with. You may be able to hide it from others but never from yourself. It ends up destroying you and all around you. How can you expect others to respect you if you cannot respect yourself. I share your disappointment in this situation. We did see it coming and tried to prepare you for it. You have handled it with love, concern and compassion. You understand the pressure she is under, and you will be there for her, should she ever need you. Your forgiving nature will keep the door open.

Please thank S. for the reassuring letter he wrote to you. You needed to know that he is 100% behind you. His link with Spirit is powerful. We chose him, my dear. He understands fully your role in the work of Spirit and supports you in it. We are part of the transformation that is so badly needed. The negative influences are doing all in their power to prevent it, and so attack you from all directions. This is not an easy path, my love, but know with absolute certainty, that we will succeed.

We have drawn your attention to others who also speak the truth. We knew it would reassure you to hear what they have to say. The recession is causing fear and anxiety throughout the world. Those responsible for it will pay the price of their corruption and their indifference to their fellow man. Control drives them forward. How arrogant of them to believe that money alone will give them control over the universe. Surely, the fact that they cannot control life or death should tell them something. It is about time people stood up and questioned them. People are blindly walking into entrapment so evil, far worse than their worst nightmare. Wake up and be responsible! Stop being subjects, you do have a voice, exercise your rights while you still have any. You owe it to your children and your children's children.

Our COSMIC PORTAL is of great importance on both sides of life. The mathematics of it excites Peter. Yes, it is over many people’s heads. Assure him, all will fall into place when the timing is right. It will create great excitement and hope for all the world. TRUTH will at last be available to everyone, throughout the universe. Political and religious control will cease. Man will live as Man was intended to live. Bibles that were manipulated by dishonest men, and used to control and give power to corrupt people, will be exposed for what they are. Darkness has reigned supreme in your world for far too long. TRUTH WILL TRIUMPH.

We continue to bring good people forward to assist you. We will continue to do so. You were aware of my excitement on Tuesday. I kept ringing my bell. We, on this side of life, wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the outcome of the meeting.

Veronica, my dear, this week you must take time to be with your family. You need a break from our work sometimes. It will be good to have Ciara around to take your mind off our work, even for a few hours. We appreciate your devotion to our work. It is a true testament to the power of love. I constantly show you that I am with you. I will never leave you. I will always be your devoted husband, Monty.